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Dissecting the World of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel, a naturally formed fuel by anaerobic decomposition of organisms that are dead and decomposed. These fuels have been categorized as fuels as thier origin is from the Earth’s crust containing both carbon and hydrogen. Many fossil fuel include, coal, natural gas, bitumen, petroleum, tar sands, oil shales, heavy oils.

Formation Process of Fossil fuels 

Generally, natural decomposition of the buried dead organisms forms fossil fuels. They contain various degrees of organic molecules that have originated from the process of ancient photosynthesis. They release energy in the combustion process. Coal, natural gas, and crude oil can be figured as fossil fuels. Since they have been formed from the means of the fossilized along with the burned remains of the animals and the plants, they have been termed as fossil fuels. They have lived for millions of years ago.

Oil, as a solid material are present between the layers of the sedimentary rock. The prime example of it is shale.

Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

Fossil fuels and climate change have been a major sense of concern. It has had a lot of negative impacts on the environment. They have created some obvious set of problems. Problems such as, oil spills and smog-filled air. They also cause another set of problems like the lack of sight, damages of buildings as well as harming trees, aquatic life along with insects.

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Fossil fuels have created massive levels of land degradation. There have led to ominous levels of unearthing, moving of underground oil, gas along with coal deposits. The fossil fuel industry has created a massive lease on various stretches of vast land for infrastructural purposes. Examples are wells, pipelines which also includes waste storage. Various forests, along with mountaintops, have been scrapped. This has taken away major chunks of habitat from wildlife. Animals now survive in a less than ideal habitat.

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The coal, oil along with gas development has managed to pose myriad threats to our waterways as well as groundwater. The coal mining operations is the wash acid runoff into the streams; rivers have created maximum levels of toxic fluids. It has led to severe levels of contamination of the drinking water. These have also contaminated aquifers with various levels of pollutants. They have been responsible for various diseases such as cancer, neurological damage as well as birth defects.

Uses of Fossil fuels 

Fossil fuels have a variety of uses like domestic purposes. These are termed as wood, coal, kerosene, and domestic gas. It fulfils the requirements of the transportation sectors. The coal, diesel along with petrol has been used as fuel for road, the sea along with air transport. They have perfect usage in terms of locomotives along with the automobile sector. It can be used in terms of generating huge levels of electricity. It has also its requirements for the creation of rocket fuel.

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