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Why Do We Close Our Eyes While Sneezing?

We all know how a sneeze happens. Have you ever wondered why do we sneeze with our eyes closed? What we don’t know is why our eyes automatically close when we do it. Is it a foregone conclusion that we can’t help closing our eyes during a sneeze?

Watch the video to know why do we sneeze with our eyes closed


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Sneezing involves more than expelling air and foreign particles. When stimulated, the brain stem’s sneeze center orders muscle contractions from esophagus to sphincter. That includes the muscles controlling the eyelids.

There is not a definitive answer as to why we close the eyes, just an educated guess based on what we think our body is trying to defend itself from. Some people, however, can keep their eyes open during a sneeze and people this talented are rare to find. Are you one of them?

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