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Water Pollution – A global catastrophic problem

Water is the planet’s most essential resource for stamina. It is the embodiment of our planet’s presence on Earth. However, on the off chance that you see a stream or lake around your area, it is evident to you that we are facing an extreme water pollution crisis. Let us educate ourselves about the pollution of water and water. Water comprises sixty-six per cent of the Earth’s surface and 76 per cent of the human body.

surface water pollutionWhat is water pollution?  

Water pollution is the defilement of water bodies (like seas, oceans, lakes, streams, springs, and groundwater) as a rule caused by human exercises. Water contamination is any change, minor or significant, in the physical, synthetic, or natural properties of water that, in the end, prompts a negative outcome for any living being. Drinking water, called Potable Water, is viewed as sheltered enough for human and creature utilization. 

Water contamination or Water Pollution may be described as the weakening of physical, compound, and organic water attributes through regular and anthropogenic exercises.  This causes harmful effects on individuals, plants, and creature networks. According to the United States Public Health Services, water contamination signifies “the presence of any poisonous substance in water that de­grades the quality to establish a risk or disable its value.

pollution riverFreshwater pollution under three per cent of the world’s water originates from freshwater sources and is the primary hotspot for drinking water. Freshwater contamination is the tainting of streams, waterways, lakes, and groundwater. The contamination of freshwater sources hurts the climate, oceanic animals, and human well-being as well.

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Causes of Water Pollution 

effects of water pollution on environmentThere are multiple causes of water pollution initiated by factors ranging from small scale to large scale.

There are various sources of water pollution, which are classified based on the specificity of the waste discharge :

Point sources

Point sources are responsible for discharging pollutants from specific locations (pipelines, ditches, and sewers) into various local water bodies.

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Some familiar point sources of water pollution: 

contaminated water

  • Industries: Industrial wastewater, for the most part, are responsible for polluting rivers contains explicit and promptly recognizable substance mixes. Water contamination concentrates inside a couple of subsectors, primarily as harmful materials and natural poisons. Out of this, an enormous segment can be traced back to the handling of modern synthetic substances and the food items industry.
  • Sewage treatment plants: Primarily responsible for half of the pollution in waters 
  • Landfills: The toxic chemicals from Landfills leach into the soil to pollute the groundwater, which leads to freshwater pollution.
  • Hazardous waste sites: Radioactive wastes are dumped in deep oceans, which often leach out to cause water pollution
  • Leakage from oil storage tanks: Oceans are the most significant source of surface water. Oil storage tanks leakage leads to surface water pollution. 

Diffused sources

Diffused sources or non-point sources which are widely scattered and discharge water pollutants over large areas

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Some familiar sources of diffused sources of water pollution:

surface water pollutants

  • Runoff from agricultural fields 
  • Livestock feed wastes
  • Storm in urban areas
  • Animal carcass

Vital Water Pollution Statistics-

water pollution stats

  • Around 5 billion people can be affected by a shortage of drinkable water in 2050, as estimated in the World Water Development Report.
  • Increase in the estimation of water demand for industry use in Africa is 800% and in Asia is 250%. This has led to more water pollution.


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