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Impact of Global Warming

Global warming issues

The climatic conditions of a place like temperature, wind, humidity, and rain impact the life forms that thrive in a particular part of the earth. The rise in temperatures as a result of global warming tampers with this natural ecosystem balance. The imbalance due to drastic changes in climate adversely affect terrestrial, aquatic, and coastal ecosystems. This gives rise to the problem the world is facing now. This leaves us to analyze and understand – why global warming is a problem.

Global warming and ecosystems

Global warming and ecosystems

Scientific research on global warming information shows that the changes associated with rising temperatures affect sea levels, distort rainfall patterns, damage soil, and thus negatively impact life in all forms. The drastic changes in Antarctic ice, coral life forms, the threat of submergence to coastal and island populations are signs of why is global warming a problem.

The impact of global temperature rise on the ecosystem in the long run affects physiological, social, and cultural lives. Economic and technological capacities are significant factors to global warming. It compromises sustainability of natural ecosystem.

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Effects of global warming

The impact of global warming

The main causes of global warming are anthropological activities in developed nations. Further, these activities increases the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The impact of global warming affects those habitats and populations whose contributions is at the least.

Frequent wildfires, alternative droughts and floods, threat of extinction to rare species of fauna – all contribute toward global warming. Densely populated places Pacific Islanders, Amazonian forest, and Arctic lands experience adverse changes in their habitats. The melting ice caps of polar regions are changing ocean levels around the world. Therefore, such rise in water bodies submerged large swathes of land. This picture shows how widespread are the effects of the global warming issue.

The loss of animal and plant life is at threateningly high level for nearly 700 species of mammals and birds. Thus, mankind is slowing realizing the impact of global warming, when animal and plant species face a possibility of complete extinction in the immediate future. 

Future impacts

effects of global warming

The changes in the most pristine ecosystems  regulate the climate of the earth and are hotspots of biodiversity. Moreover, this will shape how global warming impacts the present and future of life on the planet. The changes in essential components like temperature, rainfall, soil compositions, and water bodies impact habitats of flora and fauna.

This threatens food and life security of human populations. The information on global warming has clear indicators of a more unequal future, with higher costs of life and livelihood. The conflicts that might follow due to the crisis of food, habitat, and massive displacement of people in a world of disproportionate wealth and power, will make it challenging to define which of the following is an effect of global warming.

However, the effects of global warming will not be isolated to certain regions of the world, and in fact, no part of the planet will be safe from the turbulence. The fierce fires in Australia, North America, and the forests of Amazon are an indicator of this. If current practices and regimes that are fueling the global warming project are not controlled, the future awaits extreme weather conditions. Living conditions will get harsher. Confounded conflicts between world powers over the responsibility for the planet’s destruction is also inevitable.

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