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The Bitcoin Bedlam: An Investment Disruption Narrative

We keep hearing about bitcoin and bitcoin stock prices coming back in the news headlines. With any bitcoin prices changing making news and keep investors guessing. In countries where bitcoin is accepted, one end up buying garments, groceries just as you would do with local currency. The only difference is that bitcoin is entirely digital and not available in any physical form. 

What Is Bitcoin? 

In 2008, an individual with a codename, Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin, a new kind of currency. Transactions in bitcoin are carried out without any middlemen—implying no banks! After Bitcoin’s popularity, it often provides in booking hotels on Expedia, buying Xbox games, or shopping furniture at Overstock. Trading in cryptocurrency or bitcoin calculator became so popular that by 2017 its stock prices shot up to thousands, not only redefining bitcoin stock price history but also the domain of cryptocurrency in general. 

Some of the characteristic features of a bitcoin currency include the following: 

  • Decentralized: This implies, no central banks or governments control or regulate bitcoin stock prices 
  • Completely digital: This is probably the most distinguished of all that bitcoin as a trading means is completely digital and doesn’t exist in any physical form. 
  • Pseudo-anonymous: Instead of your personal information, bitcoins are tied to a wallet ID and transactions take place accordingly. 

How Does Bitcoin Work? 

As per the user’s perspective, bitcoin is an app or a software program that offers a bitcoin wallet that can be used personally and allows customers to receive and send bitcoins. 

On the other hand, from a trader’s perspective or bitcoin trading works on a network sharing a public ledger known as the blockchain. The ledger records whatever transaction is carried out whether bitcoin in USD or bitcoin in any other international currency, allowing a user’s system (smartphone or computer), to validate and verify each transaction carried out. 

The genuineness of each bitcoin miner transaction is secured by digital signatures that correspond to the sending addresses allowing users to gain complete control over cryptocurrency from their individual bitcoin addresses. Moreover, anyone has the allowance to process transactions via the computing power of specific hardware termed, “mining.” 

Brief Background of Bitcoin Price History 

Prior to the introduction of bitcoin there existed certain digital payment technologies in the 1990s starting with e-cash protocols. More than a decade later in 2008, an individual carrying the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto launched a site calling it a peer-to-peer lending platform dealing in cryptocurrency named bitcoin. The site allowed users to substitute bitcoin for cash and thereby not only engage in trading but also use bitcoins and bitcoin chart for carrying out day-to-day transactions. Gradually, trading in bitcoins became so popular, that stock traders would often bet upon bitcoin price predictions at the capital markets. The cryptocurrency broke all records when in 2017 bitcoin share prices skyrocketed. 

Investing in Bitcoins

Investing in bitcoin stocks or bitcoin can seem apparently complicated. However, in reality, it might not be the case. Bitcoin charts operate on a specific regionalized public ledger technology known as the blockchain. The bitcoin stock price investors need to have a basic understanding of the functionalities and also trends of the recent stock prices

When investors purchase using the US dollar, banks and credit card providers verify the authenticity of those transactions. Bitcoins charts perform a similar function at a reduced price. This function takes place through a system called hashing without the help of any financial institutions. Putting in simpler ways, an investor needs to follow a four-step-rule in order to buy bitcoins. The steps include: 

  • Get a bitcoin wallet 
  • Connect with a bank 
  • Join a bitcoin exchange 
  • Place orders for bitcoins (according to your requirement)

While much has been talked about in terms of cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, bitcoin stock prices and bitcoin share prices, it must be understood that like investing in capital markets (equities), bitcoin investments come with its own set of benefits and risks. Hence thorough research is advisable before taking a plunge.


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