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Why did Apple Block Epic Games Fortnite from its IOS App Store

Apple had eliminated the account of Epic Games Fortnite from its ios app store in the middle of legal conflict over in-app disbursements on the Fortnite game.


Previously, Apple had taken out Fortnite from its app store following the offering of a discount by the game on its simulated currency for buying made separate to the app, from which Apple gets a 30% share.

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Epic Games Fortnite Reaction to Apple

According to Epic Game’s statement, the charge payable to Apple USA is unjustified. Previously, the company filed a suit against Apple this year once it removed the much-admired Epic Game Fortnite from the App Store. 

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In a press briefing, Apple stated that they were upset that they had no other option but to eliminate the Epic Games account from the app store. They had functioned with Epic Games squad for a considerable number of years on their various product promotions and announcements.

  • Court Decision

apple block epic gamesThe court advised that Epic Games abide by the rules laid down by the App Store as their suit progresses, rules they have complied with for the last 10 years or so till this circumstance made by them. Epic has denied. Rather, they, again and again, rendered Fortnite updates devised to infringe the conventions of the App Store. It is unjust to all other App Store developers and users are getting affected in this dispute. Apple wished that they could work together with Epic Games in the future once more. However, it is not feasible at present. 

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  • The Break…

The hiatus implies that Epic Games can’t create apps for the iPad or iPhone anymore. Epic was not available for remarks. Earlier, it alleged that Apple ran an “absolute monopoly” on the 1 billion users of iOS (Apple’s operating system), which supports all the gadgets of Apple such as the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook.

  • Apple’s demanded Strategy

epic game FortniteA representative of Epic Games stated to CNBC, Apple is demanding that Epic gets Fortnite back to utilize Apple payments. Their scheme is a solicitation for Epic Games to conspire with Apple to sustain its domination. The strategy of domination over in-app payments on their operating system, subduing perfect competition markets, and escalating rates. On the ethical ground, Epic denied being a part of this strategy.

Apple has stated that Epic Games has gained being a part of the App Store and turned itself into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. It is worth mentioning that Epic is not the only developer to raise concerns regarding the charges imposed by Apple. Nonetheless, it may be the most prominent.

In June this year, “Hey”, an email app protested against Apple as well.

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Decision by Apple

Unreal Engine gamesOn Friday, August 28, 2020, the developer account of Epic Games was suspended by Apple. It ensued after a provisional restrictive decree given by a court on Monday evening. The court gave the verdict that Apple can suspend epic game Fortnite but not the developer account of Epic Game

Nonetheless, Apple USA made a declaration that it ceased an Epic developer account that does not incorporate the Unreal Engine as an attribute. Third-party app developers use the Unreal Engine for creating 3D games. This maintains the action taken by Apple consistent with the court’s verdict. Unreal Engine games are the most popular, sophisticated, and open-source 3D games, offering immersive settings and hyperreal graphics.

The European Union is carrying out a probe on whether the App Store guidelines breach its contention regulations. 

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