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PayPal for Business: How to Make the Most of it?

At present, millions of businesses are preferring PayPal to facilitate their online payments; both domestic and international. It is easy to install and features state-of-the-art fraud and seller protection widgets. 

Paypal for Business

paypal mobilePayPal accounts are available in two categories: business and personal. If you open a PayPal personal account, then your customers must also have a PayPal account for transferring payments to you. PayPal Business account is more convenient in the sense that it does not necessitate your customers to have PayPal accounts to send payments to you. Your customers can make payments to you from their credit card accounts also. 

What are the benefits of a PayPal Business Account?

A PayPal Business Account offers the following benefits to the users:

1) Getting online payments according to your convenience

You can receive PayPal and credit/debit card payments on your website or via email, marketplaces, and other modes with only one account.

2) Transmit payments anywhere in the world

paypal apk downloadWith a PayPal Business Account, you can send payments to any corner of the world. Make payments to your vendors, both domestic and international, in more than 100 currencies to over 200 markets.  


3) Worldwide expertise

You will get a 24×7 customer support service from skilled customer support associates. They will offer real-time solutions to take your business to an optimum level.

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4) Simple integration 

No matter if you are using SDKs, APIs, code samples, or pre-incorporated solutions, you can always generate payments within minutes. 

5) Round-the-clock fraud protection

free pay pal appYou can protect your business from deceitful deals with the help of adaptive machine learning and real-time intelligence.



6) No hidden costs

There are no setup, hidden or monthly fees for using a PayPal Business Account. However, a pay per transaction fee is applicable.

How to activate your PayPal for Business Account?

Activating your PayPal Business Account is easy. Given below are the steps:

  • You just need to register and confirm your email address
  • Then activate and authenticate your account
  • Set up your account and begin receiving payments

Paypal Mobile Apps

paypal app for android downloadFor the convenience of the users, PayPal mobile apps are available both on Android and iOS platforms. PayPal apps for Android and iOS help you manage your business from any place in the world. The benefits offered by these free pay pal apps are as follows:

  • Stay up-to-date about your account activities and receive sales insights 
  • Handle customer lists and refunds effectively 
  • Produce and send tailored invoices and other documents while you are on a tour.

Free PayPal apps also allow you to keep tabs on unpaid invoices and send reminders to the customers.

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paypal app for android free downloadWhether you want to send money, make refunds, see transaction details, or view your account balance, it’s just a matter of a few taps with your fingertips. All the customer details are available in one place. So, checking transaction records, importing contacts, and making refunds are just as easy. Paypal for Business account is a one-stop solution for sending and receiving payments that are increasingly becoming popular among businessmen and startups.

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