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iPoll-Make Money on Surveys: Some Important Facts

There are many ways of making money and filling out surveys is one of the easiest methods to do it. Completing online surveys is a popular model to make some extra bucks and students and housewives can do it in their spare time. Learn ipoll-make money on surveys and learn the facts about it.

Paid online surveys: Easy way to make quick money

get paid for surveys onlineNowadays, many people are resorting to paid online surveys to make some quick money. Nevertheless, if you are looking for full-time online employment, then paid surveys online may not be a suitable option. To make a considerable amount of money, your target should be to fill out as many surveys as you can.


iPoll Review

iPoll provides free rewards like airline credits, gift cards, and others. You just need to share your opinion regarding the products bought by you and the places you toured. The earnings range from 0.50 US$ to $4.50 per survey.

paid surveysBesides, you will be assigned “missions” where you will use the iPoll smartphone app at particular retail outlets. This is quite exciting as when you visit a store, you get the opportunity to try out their products and take snaps. The more is your number of missions, the more rewards you will earn. Given below are the details on how the iPoll mission works:

  • Initially, they will request you to furnish some basic details regarding yourself to assist them to ascertain which mission you prefer the most.
  • Subsequently, you will get an alert anytime there is a new mission open for you.
  • As soon as you accomplish the mission, your iPoll account will be credited. Afterward, you can make redemption of your rewards.  

The Benefits offered by iPoll-make money on surveys

get paid for surveys

  • Alerts whenever new missions are there 
  • Opportunities based on your locality and profile such as in-store shopping experiences, product reviews, brand consciousness, and advertisement testing
  • Outstanding reward catalog for gift cards redemption
  • Photo, video, and audio features for enjoyable and interactive communications
  • Additional opportunities to get rewards through submitting online surveys

Negative Aspects of iPoll Review 

However, there are some downsides of iPoll reviews that are worth mentioning:

  • After making some money, some users did not get any new surveys and deleted their accounts.
  • Accounts of several users were suspended for apparently breaching some rules. Users are alleging that iPoll did not clarify what went wrong. online survey for money
  • Some say that the surveys are unusually extensive and time-consuming. 
  • Some users had their answers deleted from the surveys completed by them. They also had trouble logging in the back after they were logged out by the app.  
  • You need a minimum of US$25 for gift cards and a minimum account balance of US$50 to cash out with PayPal.

iPoll App

The iPoll App is available on Google PlayStore free of cost. This is compatible with all Android devices.  

In summary, we can say that iPoll is not the best online paid survey site. However, it is not a scam. The earnings are perhaps low and you might lose surveys on certain occasions. Despite this factor, millions of people across the world are using iPoll. 

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