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Top 5 Beaches in The World to Calm Your Soul

Want to be calmed? Beaches are all you need for that experience. Feel the breeze of the ocean sweep your worries away as we bring to you a list of the best five beaches from around the world. The smell of the sea takes a person to a land of serenity. Every beach has a distinct feature that will bring to life the essence being around some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. All of the beaches mentioned below have a history of their own.

From pink beaches to glowing beaches, we have prepared a list of top 5 beaches in the World

  • Horseshoe Beach

Beaches are Bermuda’s real delight. Add to it the mystery of the colour pink, and you have one of the best beaches in the world – the Horseshoe Beach Bay. This beach attracts thousands of tourists from across the world for its crescent shape and beautiful pink beaches. Bermuda has several other beaches, but this makes it to the top in the list because of its colour. Tourists from all around the world come to this to indulge in adventure sports. 

  • Vieques

Well if pink beaches were not enough, we have brought to you a top beach destination where the beach glows. This rare phenomenon happens due to algae bloom. The beach, situated beside a 270-year-old tamarind tree, is a top tourist spot in Puerto Rico on the island of Vieques. However, these beaches are considered to be a biohazard during the algae bloom season. Worry not! The hotels around Vieques provide a beautiful view of the glowing beach. 

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  • Lighthouse Beach

Known as the Lighthouse Beach, this beautiful beach in Kerala, Kovalam is known for its black sand. The only black beach in India, it has two separate lighthouse views to offer. The rough waters are excellent for surfers. However, the evening breezes bring in an unprecedented calm to the beach, making it a delight for locals and tourists. The backwaters of Kerala when paired with the marvel of her beaches become breathtakingly serene. 

  • Matira Beach

What is more calming than the colour white? Branded as one of the most romantic places on earth, this in Bora Bora is the ultimate getaway for couples. The sublime view of Mount Otemanu from Matira Beach is iconic. Providing some of the best sceneries that we can expect from a beach, the Matira Beach is effervescent in its own charm. Several water sports are played on this beach to add to its pre-existing charm. 

  • Seagrass

Who hasn’t dreamed of a holiday in the Fiji Islands? The Seagrass Bay surrounding Laucala Island of Fiji is the best getaway for those who are looking for adventures on their trips. The trip to the beach is full of exploration and fun activities. Get to know the native birds of Fiji, and you make it through one of the densest jungles in Fiji before arriving at Seagrass. 

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