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How Conservation of Natural Resources Affects Your Health?

A resource is any natural or artificial substance or energy that can be used for the benefits of mankind. Natural resources are those which exist in the environment naturally. They are soil, water, sunlight, the wind, plants, coal, and such others. Conservation of natural resources is important for now a days.

Need for Conservation of Natural Resources

We need to conserve natural resources to maintain ecological balance and for our future generations. Conservation means the proper management of a resource to prevent its destruction or exploitation. Resources are in over-exploitation due to overpopulation and human negligence. If this continues, there will no resource left for our future generation. The video explains why is conservation of natural resources important.

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We don’t know exactly when, but we do know the approximate amounts of these resources that are available to us. Effects of conservation play a significant role in well-being of mankind. Whatever the human effects on nature are, the outcome ultimately affect the human life only. So, conservation of resources is important because as long as the resources are available, we will be having a healthy planet. So, SAVE NATURAL RESOURCES, STAY HEALTHY!


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