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Savor your Wicked Minds at Wicked Waffle Washington DC

Wicked Waffle Washington DC is the home of the reborn, made-to-order waffle. Chefs at Wicked Waffle DC bring you a perfected 600-year-old European treat. Wicked waffles are savory, sweet, stuffed, topped, cold, and hot. The Savory menu covers excellent options for a satisfying breakfast, lunch, and just about everything in between. Beware, you may get obsessed with the flaky, crispy, and delicious waffles. But, there is nothing to worry about. Wicked waffle assures healthy and low-calorie meals for you to indulge in freely. The wicked waffle menu also includes delicious and savory homemade soups-to-sip and salads.

What’s so Wicked about the Wicked Waffle?

Wicked Waffle Washington DC follows a simple mantra: No Butter, No Syrup. It projects a European outlook while believing in simple recipes and wholesome ingredients. The airy, crisp waffles are delicious and healthy on their own. They serve as the perfect palette for an array of savory and sweet toppings. Wicked Waffle Washington DC uses 100% natural low-sodium meats that are nitrite and nitrate free. It also uses MSG, artificial colors and flavors, chemicals, and preservatives, among other ingredients. Wicked Waffle DC makes almost everything with fresh, local ingredients right before the customer’s eyes. The calories and sweetness levels are left for the customer’s choosing.

Healthy and Wicked:

vegan waffle

Wicked Waffle Washington DC also offers some tasty Gluten-Free & Vegan Waffles. The Gluten-Free Waffles are made daily on a dedicated waffle iron. These waffles are light and fluffy compared to the ones found in other eateries. It took Wicked Waffle DC two years to perfect the process, and so they prepare it with great care.

The Wicked Savory Menu:

The row of waffle irons in Wicked Waffle Washington DC front window draws every passerby into a sweet and Savory Meal. Every dish is served atop a freshly made Belgian-style waffle or is packed between two waffles. Wicked Waffle owner Thierry Jugnet boasts of his superfast and super-fresh savory waffle sandwiches. According to Jugnet, nobody can, in any way, prepare bread or wraps or buns that fast. Moreover, Wicked Waffle uses crispy, light-as-air waffles to contain your favorite meats and cheeses, unlike other bread.

Wicked Waffle Washington DC

Some of the notable dishes in the Savory menu include the Croque monsieur. It is made with grilled ham, cheese, and creamy bechamel sauce. It is airy inside, firm outside, and crispy around the edges. The waffle sandwich filled with eggs, bacon, and cheese is a fun, fast food experience for just 5.75 dollars. The rich Nutella hazelnut waffle with powdered sugar and added bananas immediately transports you to a European vacation. On the other hand, the Peking Duck Waffle offers an unusual fusion of Waffles with Chinese food. Stuffed with shredded duck meat, crispy-skin hoisin, and plum sauce, Peking Duck Waffle will have you shouting Waffleissimo!

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