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Everything You Need To Know About Ayahuasca Experience

People often travel to foreign destinations as Ayahuasca trip. There are mixed reactions to Ayahuasca experience. For some, the immediate Ayahuasca effects are fascinating while for others they are distressing. These anecdotes may be baffling. However, scientists have discovered several health benefits.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a South American psychoactive brew. Also called tea, vine, or la purga. It is a tropical vine of the Amazon region. It is made from the Psychotria viridis, a shruband also from Banisteriopsis caapi stalks. Sometimes, other plants or vines may also be added. It induces hallucination in its consumers. Ayahuasca ceremonies make good use of it as tropical spiritual medicine. Its non-traditional use is based on cosmologies and the philosophy of Ayahuasca shamanism. The spiritual and medical applications of Ayahuasca are popular among the non-native users.

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca ceremony happens throughout the night. It is first taken by the experienced healer, known as the shaman or sometimes, curandero. He then gives it to the participants. The Ayahuasca plant is first cleaned and then smashed before boiling in water. Then, the water is drained and preserved. It is a repetitive process to produce a sticky brown concentrated liquid. Once cooled the impurities are removed through straining.

Before the ceremony, the participants shouldn’t take drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, red meat, and spicy food. They should stick to vegetarianism or veganism for 2-4 weeks before the Ayahuasca trip. It will help to release toxins from the body. They shouldn’t also indulge in sex.

There are also brujos fake as shamans and attract tourists to Ayahuasca. The Shamans believe that they do so to steal their energies.

Once the ceremony is over, the Shamans guide the participants to safety. In case of emergencies the medical staff, present, is promptly active. They conduct the Ayahuasca ceremony consecutively for a few nights in a row.

Experience of Ayahuasca

The Ayahuasca effects are visible within 20-60 minutes of its consumption. They vary according to the number of doses given. The Ayahuasca trip can last for 2-6 hours. Every time it is new and different.

The side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Hot/cold flashes
  • Euphoric feelings
  • Strong visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Mid-altering psychedelic effects
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Fears
  • Paranoia

Ayahuasca Experiences are significant because of the following reasons: 

  • Mystical and religious feelings with spiritual revelations and awakening
  • Heightened internal reality
  • Temporary emotional and psychological distress

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Benefits of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca healing has positive, long-term, and life-altering changes due to its effect on the neurological system.

  • Improves brain health by generating growth of new neural cells in the brain,
  • Increases mindfulness, regulates moods and emotions, and hence, overall psychological well-being.
  • Treats addiction, drug disorders, dependence on alcohol, tobacco and cocaine, anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders.
  • Boosts hopefulness and empowerment.

Drawbacks of Ayahuasca

Although the Ayahuasca experience can be alluring, it has side-effects like;

  • Dangerously interacts with medications like anti-depressants, weight loss medications, and Parkinson’s disease,
  • The Ayahuasca tea may not be favourable,
  • Worsens psychiatric symptoms and results in mania,
  • Increases heart rate and blood pressure,
  • Involves the risk of ill-treatment by inexperienced shamans.

Before heading for the much talked about Ayahuasca trip you should do your research well. It is advised that you consult someone with prior experience in this regard. 

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