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How to do a Room Makeover With Plants?

There are any number of reasons to include a healthy dose of plant life in every room of your home. Beyond their aesthetic value, decorating with plants in your home reduces toxins in the air and improves air quality to say nothing of the many and varied aromatherapy benefits that particular plants can have. Here are some plants in bedroom ideas.

Floor Plants

If you have a room that has too little green and too much empty space, a floor plant can be just the right solution. A floor plant could be the missing ingredient that completes the room while bringing a new sense of freshness to the decor. When deciding where to place a floor plant in your space make sure the space has proper lighting.  Also, make sure that size and scale of the plant complement the interior décor of the room.


Orchids are popular among stylists and interior designers because of their sculptural silhouettes and bright, engaging colors. No matter where you place them in a room setting they make a statement that draws the eye and brightens the room and with good care they can last a long time.

Watch the video to know about using plants in home decor


Cut Blooms

You can buy a bunch of cut flowers. Replacing your flowers can be a great way to change up the look of your room without too much expense or effort. Cut flowers are a quick and easy option that can improve your mood and add some much needed pops of color to your home.

Succulents & Cacti

You might want to consider selecting a cactus or succulent plant for your home. Though green and lively, both are types of desert plants, and are well-suited to environments that would be less than hospitable to other plant types. In fact, these plants need only a little water and sunlight and require very low maintenance, which makes them easy to care for.


The fastest and easiest way to add a touch of botanical décor to your room is with houseplants. Not only do these works of green art add a fresh vibe to your space that manmade items can’t match,​ they also act as living air purifiers, working to remove chemicals and impurities from the air around them.

Wall Hanging Herb Garden

Having a hanging herb garden in the house using small planters not only beautify the space, they’ll add a new dash of freshness to your house as well. Even better, it’s a breeze to set up; even for a brick wall.

These were some of the pro tips to give your home a makeover. It actually adds health and life to your room. Tell us how you go about making a green home by commenting at the end of the video in the comment sections below. Hope you got some plant bedroom ideas to design a plant themed bedroom. Check some related article on household items list you need.

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