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Veganism – The Fastest Growing Food Trend

We will see the growing acceptance of Veganism around the world. A new food trend is gaining momentum in the world. People are curious about it. More and more people are adapting it as they learn that it does not means self-deprivation. And it makes you healthier without killing animals. Yes, we here are going to talk about Veganism.

What is Veganism?

Veganism, defined as a way of living which seeks to exclude as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food clothing or any other purpose. People often confuse being vegan to a vegetarian but there is a lot of difference. Vegans completely depends on Non-Animal source for food.

The vegan diet has already entered the mainstream. A few restaurants now have vegan dishes on their menu. Although, it is important for people to know that Veganism does not only mean eating vegan food but also it is also a lifestyle one needs to adapt to.

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Health and Weight Management

It helps in coping up with various health problems like Digestive problems, High Cholesterol, Overweight, and Migraines. It helps to cleanse your body and makes it healthier to live at peace.

Environmental Sustainability

Moreover, many people adopt a vegan lifestyle because it’s better for the environment. Meat-based diets use more resources, including land, water, and energy, to produce food while eating vegan require less cropland. The production of animal-based foods creates twice as much greenhouse gas emissions than the production of plant-based foods.

Animal Conservation

Besides, many people go vegan because of its ethical implications. In 2015, 4.6 billion animals were raised and slaughtered for food worldwide. Several articles and documentaries (such as Live and Let Live and Food, Inc.) have detailed the often pain-filled journey animals go through in order to become food, including crowded, filthy conditions which can lead to serious disease and injury.

Global Food Demand

There are over seven billion people in the world and our global population is always expanding. There’s concern that the global demand on the resources required to produce meat products will cause a worldwide food shortage.

The world’s population will increase roughly by two billion people by 2050; however, there won’t be enough water to grow the amount of food required to feed them. Eating a vegan diet allows farmers to allocate resources more efficiently in order to produce enough vegan foods for our growing population.

The basic vegan diet became increasingly mainstream in the 2010s, especially in the latter half. The Economist declared 2019 “the year of the vegan”. The European Parliament defined the meaning of vegan for food labels in 2010, in force as of 2015. This was the rise of the Veganism hope you all get inspired by it and follow it too! Read if keto diet works or harm the body.


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