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The Incredible Story Of Paleo Diet Meal Plans

No matter how outlandish it may sound, but the very nomenclature – paleo diet has been derived from the term Paleolithic Age. Yes. Nutrition experts believe that since the nature of the paleo diet meal plans has a striking resemblance to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who lived during the Paleolithic Age. 

Understanding Paleo Diet 

When it comes to understanding, what paleo diet is all about, it can be simply put as – eat like a caveman and shed pounds. That’s the basic theory behind the paleo diet plan. Paleo diet plan originated in the 1890s when John Kellogg and Emmet Densmore wanted to have a diet similar to our ancestors. 

what is paleoLater gastroenterologist Walter L Voegtlin in his 1975 book titled The Stone Age Diet proclaimed the benefits of consuming a paleo diet meal plan. In a usual paleo diet plan, one consumes vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, preferably locally. 


The advantages of focussing on a paleo diet are that it concentrates on increasing the intake of whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables along with healthy protein and fat. It advocates decreasing the consumption of processed foods including sugar and salt. Major food in paleo diet meal plans comprises broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, pistachios, cashews, avocado, etc. 

Benefits of Paleo Diet Plan

paleo foodsNeedless to say, that a following paleo diet meal plan can have several benefits for the human body of course in terms of maintaining great health. Some of the major benefits of paleo diet or diet paleo or put otherwise Paleolithic Diet meal plans include the following:

  • Healthy cells

paleo diet definitionConsuming a paleo diet meal comprising vegetables and fruits, including fat, improves Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. Opting for a paleo food delivery service can increase the ratio of the latter and decrease the former in your diet, which helps the body strike a proper balance. Though sounds strange, fatty acids like omega 3 are essential for humans to maintain proper health. 

  • Healthy brain, heart, and eyes

Researches across the globe have long proved that Omega 3 is excellent for the human heart. They help reduce triglycerides, irregular heartbeat and slows down plaque build-up in arteries. On the other hand, since a diet paleo consists of omega 3, it is also known to boost brain health and improve vision when consumed regularly. 

  • Assists in weight loss 

is paleo diet goodSince paleo diet meal plans make an individual feel more satiated over a longer period of time because of an increased tolerance towards glucose and less spike in insulin, one tends to lose weight as well. 

  • Heightened energy levels 

This is probably one of the best advantages of following a paleo diet style. Due to the consumption of natural products, insulin levels remain controlled, making one feel energetic. 

If you are looking towards leading a genuinely healthy lifestyle and willing to invest some time in the kitchen preparing unprocessed and natural produce, then a paleo diet meal plan is a great option. You can also go for a zone diet plan or keto meal plan.

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