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Are We Getting the Coronavirus Vaccine soon?

You may wonder is there a coronavirus vaccine? With the pandemic daunting the world and scaring people let’s get real with the timeline and the challenges for the coronavirus vaccine to come out.

Where are the Vaccines Right Now?

Oxford and AstraZeneca have hinted their vaccine candidate ChAdOx1 could be ready by the year-end. Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech have also said they may be on track to approach US drug regulators for approvals as early as October, and they will be in a position to manufacture 100 million doses by year-end and 1.3 billion doses by fall 2021. This is all before any single vaccine has finished phase 3 of clinical trials, cleared efficacy and safety hurdles, and obtained licenses.

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Who will be Getting the Vaccine?

Depends upon geography, wealth, the ability of governments to strike deals with manufacturers, and supply chain. Several nations have already signed deals with vaccine manufacturers and makers to get their hands to produce first doses.

Who Will Get the First Coronavirus Vaccine?

To achieve herd immunity, the world will need nearly 4.7 billion doses. We will need 2 billion doses to cover the healthcare workers and other high-risk groups. First doses will go to healthcare workers, the elderly who are most at risk, other high-risk groups in hospitals. After that, it will be distributed among the population, starting with high-risk zones, eventually making it to the last mile.

Manufacturing Challenges

Once the trials theoretically yield results demonstrating a vaccine’s efficacy and safety, experts said manufacturing doses should be the easiest part of the whole process. Investments in production capacity have substantially increased.

Distribution Challenges

Distribution figures to be an even bigger obstacle. We need to ship and store p the leading vaccine candidates at temperatures ranging from -20 to -70 °C. These conditions are not readily available at the scale we need. This could be a challenge going forward in terms of distribution. We will need to be qualified, trained people to help administer the vaccine.

Getting it 100% Correct

Once manufacturing and distribution are complete, people would still not be safe from the disease, experts cautioned. The vaccines are unlikely to protect against shedding; after vaccination, people may still get mild or asymptomatic infections, and thus shed the virus and possibly spread it to others. People who are vaccinated still need to wear masks and that’s going to be a hard message to send.

Keeping all these factors in their minds, scientists along with the support of the movement, are working hard to get a vaccine for this deadly disease out as soon as possible they are putting in efforts to save us from the Pandemic. So, will there be a cure for coronavirus? Stay connected to get virus vaccine update. Let’s hope for the best. Read the article on flu vs covid.

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