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Keto Diet for a Working Women

In the U.S, the Keto Diet is regarded as the 13th best diet out of 40 for women. This low carb diet was introduced by Dr Atkins in the 1970s to make his patients with heart disease lose weight. A keto meal is low in carbs and proteins due to which the body relies on ketones rather than glucose for energy.

Keto Meal Diet Plan for Women

For women, especially working mothers, a ketogenic diet is the best for losing weight rapidly, though it has its pros and cons. But, it should be under the guidance of a specialist in this field as one might need multi-vitamin supplements while on a keto-friendly diet.

keto diet menuA keto diet is best suited for women who are obese or inactive. It is the best for the ones who deal with menopause, epilepsy, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes.

A working woman can succeed in a keto diet plan when the diet is less restrictive and rich in micronutrients.


This article will talk about certain challenges working women face on this diet and how can she overcome the same.

  • Difficulty to reduce weight

keto diet foodsA working woman is responsible for house chores as well. In a keto meal, one should avoid certain foods. But, at times women tend to neglect and eat the food, which is immediately available that includes sugar or might be high in carbs. But to make a ketogenic diet effective and to lose weight simultaneously, the best way is to use a food tracker or sign up for meals.

  • Emotional eating and cravings

vegetarian ketoWomen or even men tend to eat a lot when depressed or are in the extremes of their mood. It gets very difficult while working, to control bad snacking habits. So, the best way to avoid these is to have a stock of nuts which have healthy fats like almond or walnuts. And when willing to eat, opt for these healthier options rather than going against the keto diet plan.



  • The foods in keto meal are difficult to cook and is time-consuming

keto food listAs in a ketogenic diet, most of the fruits and advised are asked to be avoided, it becomes very difficult for a working woman to cook individually for the family and herself. The women’s abandon it as the diets are strict and take a lot of time to cook. Hence, to follow you need to prepare meals on the weekends and store it for the entire week. Once you get into the habit of cooking these keto-friendly meals, there’ll be less time consumption. Easy one-pot recipes are available to make the cooking easier.

  • Hormonal disbalance as the diet does not sync with your day to day cycle

keto diet plan for beginners freeDue to the hectic schedule, women are unable to eat smaller meals according to their diet plan. The busy schedule leaves them with no energy to workout as well. The lack of sync between the work cycle and diet invites PCOS or hormonal disbalances. On prioritizing self-care, we can get the maximum benefits when having a keto meal.



To sum up, the keto diet can be very beneficial for working women if they follow their customized plan with enough micronutrients. The use of a meal tracker and water reminder can make life simpler.

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