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Innovative Birthday Ideas in Quarantine: Safety first

Celebrating a birthday is a way of thanking God for bringing you to this beautiful earth. You live life to the fullest and your joy knows no bounds while celebrating your birthday. In this lockdown situation, celebrating your birthday might seem to be a distant dream for you. Observing it with your friends and family members in quarantine might be risky due to the havoc created by the global pandemic Covid-19. Nonetheless, there is no reason to be dejected. There are some cool birthday ideas in quarantine that you can apply to turn your birthday celebrations into a gala event.

quarantine birthday ideas for adults

21st birthday ideas

You are turning 21 soon and are looking for some grand 21st birthday ideas. Given below are some ideas that you can adopt to make your 21st birthday bash a memorable one.

  • Do the decoration

good birthday ideasThere may not be much crowd to attend your 21st birthday bash but there is no harm in decorating your home beautifully. Finding decorative items in the middle of lockdown is a dilemma. So, you can decorate your home with some spare candles. If you have good-looking house lanterns at home, you can also use them for lighting up your home. You can always set the tone with remote control LED strip lights and make your 21st birthday decorations remarkable.

  • Throw a virtual birthday party

quarantine party ideasThrowing a virtual birthday party in this quarantine period is one of the best 21st birthday party ideas. Just make a Zoom call to your closest friends to enjoy your birthday party to the fullest. Other user-friendly apps are also available for setting up video calls with your friends like House party and Google Hangouts. You can assemble all your near and dear ones in this way.

  • Send an e-invite to your guests

uarantine birthday decorationsSending elaborate e-invites to all your guests with the right links to your virtual party is a good idea to celebrate your 21st birthday. You just try to ensure that your guests RSVP or acknowledge your invitation. You can also schedule the start and end time of your birthday party so that things look well planned and your guests can schedule their time because of that. Besides, if you are sending e-invites to your friends from other corners of the world, always remember to state their local time.

  • 21st birthday gift ideas

innovative birthday ideas in quarantineYou can make a monetary birthday gift to someone you love on his or her 21st birthday. You can present it in groups of 21 as $10, $5, and $1 bills. Furthermore, you can gift 21 lottery tickets also. Money is one of the most preferred birthday gifts and when wrapped uniquely, it would be an unforgettable gift. Gifting money by mail is an outstanding means for family members staying out of the station to join the birthday festivities.  

So, these are some innovative birthday ideas in quarantine that you can use to make your 21st birthday celebration an epic bash. “Safety first” should be the motto of every occasion that we are going to celebrate during this quarantine.

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