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Google Snake Game – The New Rage

When it comes to playing board games snakes and ladders is still the most popular one. It used to be a hardboard with dices. But now you will be able to enjoy the same craziness and fun on Google Snake Game.

Now snakes can be found on Google Maps! The snake game that Google launched on April Fool’s Day is available on both operating systems, namely, Android and iOS. However, you will be able to play the game on the desktop version. 

play snakeAlthough, Microsoft no longer approves of the April Fool Day’s pranks other tech giants like One Plus and Google still do so. 

Google games snake will allow you to play at different locations across the globe. The countries include Sao Paulo, Sydney, San Francisco, London, Cairo, and Tokyo where you will be able to play snake game. 

In 2017, Google launched their version of the snake game in the form of an Easter egg, every time users type the expressions “play snake”, “snake”, “snake video game”, and “snake game”.

Salient features of the Google snake game 

The snake gameGoogle games snake will allow you to play at different locations across the globe. The cities include Sao Paulo, Sydney, San Francisco, London, Cairo, and Tokyo where you will be able to play the snake game

The snake game has raked up a lot of popularity since game lovers can play it both online and offline in a new tab. It is available for all the players free of cost. The game has been created in JavaScript and is scripted in open source code.

Every player finds the snake game to be quite exciting. 

  • To start the game, you just need to press the spacebar.
  • You can harness the snake with the help of the arrow keys.

The Google snake game is compatible with all Android devices. In the Google Map version of the game, you steer a train taking passengers from cities across the world. Furthermore, it also gathers foodstuff and milestones for additional points. 

How to Play the Snake Game

You will need to download the Google Maps app for playing Snake on iOS or Android. However, the most salient benefit for Android smartphone users is that it comes pre-installed on Android phones. Therefore, the majority of the players have everything they need to get going with their much-admired game. You just need to update the app for getting the latest features.

All you have to do is visit the Google Maps app on whichever platform you are using (iOS or Android), thereafter you must click on the menu icon. In case you are not being able to view the snake, you can restart it again. 

snake game googleIt appears as an icon/option on which you have to just click. The snake Google aims at collecting as many as passengers you can with the help of the Snake Train. While playing the Google snake game, just make sure you do not leave the Map at any point in time. You must collect passengers from important landmarks and different tourist locations. The Train or the snake has an individual website of its own. 

How to play Snake Google Maps on desktop computers

If you wish to play Google Snake on your desktop computer, you will not get it on the site of Google Maps. Rather, navigate towards the committed website: snake.googlemaps.com.

There are several similarities between the game’s desktop version and the iOS or Android version, apart from the fact that rather than swipe controls, you need to utilize the arrow keys of your keyboard.

How to win the Snake game on Google Maps

The Snake game on Google Maps is played similarly to the conventional Snake game. However, there are particular factors that you should keep in mind if you wish to attain the best score possible:

snake game

  • You need to remain cautious near the boundaries of the map. Contrasting to particular other versions of the game, if you collide with the fences, then you will lose. Therefore, you should play securely while taking passengers near the boundaries.
  • On the iOS and Android versions of snake, players can line up swipes when they are reversing fast. Thus, there is not any substantial requirement to swipe wildly when you are in a constricted turning point. 
  • For people who can reminisce the archetypal version of Snake on the Nokia 5110 phones several years back, the desktop arrow keys are unbelievably reactive. They don’t ask for a big endeavour to clock accurately.
  • Lofty edifices will appear as if they consume many spaces. However, you just have to assemble them from the foundation. Hence, your target should be to be capable enough to snap up the 10 points they offer. 

It is quite apparent, but keep in mind that you flourish whenever you catch a passenger, milestone, or foodstuff. Therefore, you need to guarantee that you won’t ever fail while you’re attempting to lift something close to the tip of your tail.

snake game googleOne of the reasons why Google introduced its snake game around April Fool’s Day and it is doing so with utmost care is due to the fact that way back in the year 2016 the prank had backfired. It had launched the “Mic Drop” at that point in time. 


So, if you have been a snake game addict at one point in time during your childhood, now is the time to enjoy Google snake game at various locations on Google Maps. Besides, nowadays due to advanced digitization online gaming has become an integral part of kids’ entertainment world. Therefore, install Snake and slither your way across the world.

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