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Can the Courses from New York Institute of Finance Boost Your Career?

The New York Institute of Finance offers various courses on financial services. Asset pricing, investment banking, insurance, accounting, financial modeling, etc are a few. Faculty of the institute are Global leaders of the finance sector. NY Institute of Finance offers various course designs and models. The trainees can choose according to their ease and schedule. One can choose from an array of course models. Self-study, online classes, or in-person classes are available. Most of the leading global banks form the client/customer base of NYIF.

Courses Offered By the School of Finance

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The School of Finance offers more than 120 different courses at NYIF. The general masses can avail of the courses. These programs cover everything, including corporate finance, brokerage operations, valuation, and accounting. The course design amalgamates both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Most Popular Courses in the New York Institute of Finance

A Financial modeling course helps a trainee become an analyst. An analyst speculates the performances (profits and losses) of a firm. The financial modeling courses in the NYIF are in massive demand. Many professional analysts have opted for these courses to upgrade their current position. Financial modeling is an unavoidable tool. For professionals in the real estate, FinTech, or investment sector it is necessary.

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NY Institute of Finance offers online courses on various niches of financial modeling. You can take up these courses at your convenience. For example, one can opt for a certificate course in Financial Accounting. The price of the online course is $1395 for 31 hours. One can choose to do the course in 3 days or one month, depending on their schedule. There are other classroom courses under the umbrella of financial modeling. ‘The FinTech Revolution ‘ or ‘Chartered Financial Risk Engineering’ etc. are a few. The courses can be of the beginner, professional, or advanced level.

Another popular course in the New York Institute of Finance is the course on Investment Banking. It is a program designed for the graduate level, which is like a mini-MBA course. All the modules of this program can be taken online from around the globe at your own pace. Thus you don’t need to quit your job to take these courses. Neither do you have to travel to the NYIF campus for enrollment. Distance online courses make it easier to learn and also maintain your schedule of work and home. They offer various courses under investment banking. The course fee ranges from $595-$16395 depending on the module design and level. Beginners, professional and advanced levels are available for this course as well. Read about another similar post on NYIF.

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The Institute, although has the name Finance in its name offers courses and specializations in various categories. For instance, in Arts and Humanities, it has as many as 338 courses, in Business, it has as many as 1095 courses, Computer Science division will allow you to choose from as many as 668 courses, in Data Science, you can choose from more than 425 courses, Information Technology has 145 courses to offer to its students.

Health-related courses are 471 in number that you can avail, in Maths and Logic, there are 70 courses, Personal Development has 137 courses to offer, Physical Science and Engineering has 413 courses to offer.

As far as Social Sciences and Language Learning are concerned, there are 401 and 150 courses respectively. Having said about the miscellaneous courses, let us focus on the finance course NYC offers.

You can also enroll in the various free accounting courses in NYC and the New York Institute of Finance online courses. If time is a constraint for you, seek admission for the many short courses NYC that the institute offers.

Since there are more than 120 courses that are offered by the New York Institute of Finance, let us take up a few of them in the paragraphs that follow. We will get to know about the Finance course NYC in brief under the following sub-heads:

1. Online Professional Certificate in Corporate Finance

short courses NYCWhat you get to learn: In this course, you will how corporate finance plays a role in the financial decisions of a company. Financial decisions envisage everything right from credit analysis to mergers and acquisitions.

Duration: 60-hour duration course


2. Corporate Treasury Management Foreign Exchange Management

What you get to learn: You will learn how to manage activities related to the treasury in an effective manner. This course will deal with new technologies and approaches, opportunities on a global scale, and with special reference to U.S financial environment.

Duration: 7 hours

3. Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

What you get to learn: This is an introductory program that offers a basic understanding of financial management. You will be able to learn the essential aspects of financial statements like income statements, balance sheets, and statements related to cash flows.

Duration: 8 hours

4. Corporate Credit Analysis

free accounting courses in NYCWhat you get to learn: Corporate Credit Analysis has a “diagnostic approach”. It will help you to learn what factors you must assess when you have been entrusted with the responsibility of assessing a financial corporation’s financial health. Business risks, non-financial credit pertaining to corporate credit are taught. You will know how you have to “structure a loan”, monitoring and standardization methods for credit control. You have to employ credit analysis to case studies belonging to different spheres.

Duration: 14.5 hours

5. Capital Budgeting

What you get to learn: Learn benefits of using the internal rate of return Vs net present value, debt cost calculation, equity and cash flows, capital rationing, the average cost of capital, and special capital budget.

Duration: 1 hour

6. Implementing Monetary Policy

What you get to learn: You will learn the various aims and objectives that govern the monetary policy of the United States. Few instances include the Federal government’s discount window, transmission mechanism, and reserve requirements.

Duration: 1 hour

7. The Impact of Accounting Principles

What do you get to learn: This module includes liability recognition, corporate acquisition valuations, income recognition, and asset valuation.

Duration: 2 hours

Finance course NYC8. Risk Analysis Using Ratios

What you get to learn: You will learn how to carry out risk analysis pertaining to long-term solvency as well as short-term liquidity.

Duration: 2 hours

9. Introduction to Debt Securities

What you get to learn: You will be taught the fundamentals or the basics of Debt Securities.

Duration: 2 hours

10. Introduction to Corporate Finance

What do you get to learn: You will be introduced to the essential aspects of Corporate Finance. The course will begin with how you can improve and maximize the welfare of the stakeholders. Managing a company’s flow of cash and how to maintain access to the markets without getting into risky ventures are two other modules or curriculum that you will learn in this course. Other topics that will be covered in this course include the concept of efficient markets and implications.

Duration: 1 hour

The several courses that are being offered by Finance course NYC will act as an oar to steer your finance career for sure. This rightly answers your question that whether courses taught at the Institute of New York will certainly boost your career graph. Most importantly, the New York Institute of finance reputation has never suffered a setback in the past and is gaining prominence with every passing day.

You can enroll in the courses without inhibitions as the New York Institute of finance reviews are good and the feedback is reliable too. So, jump onto the bandwagon of the New York Institute of Finance and watch your career graph rise.

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