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Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Myth or Fact?

The ketone friendly diet is a high fat but low carb diet and helps to burn carbohydrates in one’s body. This fad diet comes with a lot of myths and facts. 

free keto diet planSome studies show that when on a ketone diet, a person can lose weight and the risk factors related to health will also be reduced. In America, the ketogenic diet is very famous as it comes with longevity, fitness, and weight loss. One can lose some pounds in this diet if done properly but it comes at a cost of health.


Keto Diet Plan -Detrimental or Beneficial?

In a keto diet, a person consumes 70% of calories in form of fats because of which the body enters ketosis.

ketogenic diet

Researchers on studying the impact of keto diet found that a person might reduce weight in short term but the various biochemical and physical parameters are unknown when it comes to long-term effects. A ketogenic diet can accelerate weight loss in obese people but it’s hard to continue consuming a keto-friendly diet

Many dietitians recommended not to be on a keto diet as it is unhealthy because of the high percentage of fat and protein. Due to the lack of mineral and protein, it is suitable only for the people who have health issues. A diet needs to be sustainable when it comes to following it. Better results are associated with a high protein diet than ketogenic food.

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Also, according to researchers, one might be able to lose weight when on a keto diet but as soon as they stop it, all the extra pounds lost will be back.

The weight lost in the process will generally be water weight which further can reduce hunger pangs. The main weight loss will be due to a deficit in calories and a reduction in hunger levels temporarily. 

So, the keto diet plan may not the healthiest option but the best way to lose weight is to have low carb food along with a balanced diet.

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