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Low Cost Therapeutic Boarding Schools in the US: A State of Affairs

Long ago, a belief system existed often based upon an individual’s intuitiveness about America’s education system including boarding schools for troubled teens in the United States (US). Over time with global economic fluctuations, increasing poverty and inequality have been substantially responsible for the failing education system of the US. This gave rise to low cost therapeutic boarding schools

It might come as a surprise for many, but the fact remains that the US is home to several low-income group schools that continue to be a substantial part of the country’s larger school educational system. Even in today’s times, there exist several low-income schools in poor neighborhoods where students mainly from economically backward families are admitted. 

An Analysis- US Schools

bording schools in chicago

According to a new analysis of federal data, nearly 50 percent of the students in hailed from low-income families. As stark or surprising it may sound it is a reality even in today’s world, especially in a COVID-stricken world. According to a report published by the Southern Education Foundation, students from kindergarten through the 12th grade during 2012-2013 were eligible for the government federal program that provides low-prices and free lunch services. While many experts opine that the lunch program at low-income group schools is a proxy for poverty. But the immense proliferation in the number of students enrolling in the country’s public schools is a recent phenomenon. And it has been gaining attention among educators, researchers, and public officials. 

Interestingly this rise of students in low-income schools has resulted in new responsibilities for teachers as well. Yes. Teachers in US schools across the country have doubled up to perform therapeutic measures on school students. 


bording schools in illinoisYes. Many teachers when spoken to said that more than 50 percent of their students in the junior or elementary classes. Even kindergarten were eligible for free lunches. Teachers in low-income schools, teachers say that their educational institutions have turned into something like a low-cost therapeutic boarding school. Because, just like employed teachers at approved low-cost therapeutic boarding schools, teachers in the usual low-income neighborhood schools end up offering all kinds of amenities that assisting students in performing certain tasks or even help them sometimes clean themselves or help them clean the classrooms. 

Current Scenario of low cost therapeutic boarding schools

low cost therapeutic boarding schools

Today, the job of a teacher in low-income schools has expanded to that of a therapist, counselor, doctor, parent, and even an attorney. Some industry experts often end up comparing this kind of process or teaching method to low-cost therapeutic boarding schools or even boarding schools for troubled teens. In the case of the latter, needless to say, that training and counseling form an essential part of the teaching curriculum. 

However, lately, an increase in students in low cost therapeutic boarding schools even in poor neighborhoods, it has now become usual key-responsibility for teachers to offer services like therapies and counseling along with teaching specialized subjects. Analyzing the current scenario it can be said that the future looks somewhat murkier (if not completely) for such schools as well as the education system in the US. Check this related post about schooling in pandemic

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