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Healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss – Know how to go about it

Prior to delving deeper into the healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss, we must understand what meal prepping is in the first place. It is a very simple concept and it is preparing your meals well ahead of the time you eat. 

 Prepping meals- Ideas, Recipes, and benefits

Meal prepping is oftentimes regarded as one of the better ways to shed that extra flab. If you can do it precisely, it is sure to help you lose weight. Not only that, but it will also help you to get adequate nutrition. 

best meal prep recipesHowever, the healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss must be carried out with some strategy in mind. What are these strategies in the first place? Let us explore more some food prep ideas

Healthy meal prep ideas

You can go ahead with meal prepping in the following manner-

  • Make meals ahead

You can cook meals well in advance that can be refrigerated. You can heat the meals when you have to eat. This is helpful for meals for dinner. You can opt for easy meal prep dishes if time is a constraint for you. 

healthy lunch meal prep

  • Batch cooking- healthy meal prep that helps

Batch cooking is one of the better and easy meal prep ideas that you can opt for. What is batch cooking? In this type of prepping, you cook a particular type of recipe in bulk. Thereafter, you divide the recipe into smaller portions that you can consume daily. 

The portion that you are not using on any particular day has to be frozen. Best way to reduce your portions for lunch and dinner. 

  • Pre-cooked ingredients

weight loss meal prepFor this, you have to gather ingredients that you need for your daily cooking. Pre-cook these ingredients and refrigerate. On any day, you can just take out a portion of the same and use in your recipes. This will ensure that you do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In this way, you can prepare healthy meal prep recipes that will balance the calories and also give you the adequate nutrition you require to stay healthy. 

  • Portioned meals

meal planning recipesOne of the better options for healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss, you can cook different dishes at one go. Once you have done that, divide the portions for daily consumption. Freeze the rest. 

Best meal prep recipes at a glance

Try out the following recipes that can be easily prepped for healthy weight loss. These are as follows-

meal prepping ideas

  1. Curried chicken bowls
  2. Lentil soup with cream (slowly cooked)
  3. Turkey stuffed 
  4. Stuffed Ricotta shells
  5. Overnight Oats 
  6. Freezer chicken burritos
  7. Chicken bowls with chilli lime
  8. Roasted vegetable quinoa bowl with cream
  9. Mexican salad
  10. Chickpea salad

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can try out a wide range of healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss. 

Benefits of meal prep recipes

Prepped meals are healthy and you will find that you benefit in these ways-

healthy meal prep lunch

  1. Temptations for food or food cravings subside
  2. You can eat cleaner foods and avoid frozen, or processed foods. 
  3. It can take away the burden of cooking daily
  4. Easy prep meals can be cooked (customized) as per your choice
  5. With healthy meal prep recipes, you have the option of eating various types of food.

The benefits are much more than just the ones mentioned above. Try it out for a healthy life. By staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight, you can keep lifestyle diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, depression, diabetes and several other ailments at bay.

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