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US women’s soccer- Increase In Women Visibility

Since the year 1991, as many seven Women’s World Cups have been played. Out of them, the US women’s soccer team has won three times. In the year 2019, they won the fourth time in France.

US Women’s national soccer teamAs compared to the Men’s team that ranks 30th in FIFA world rankings, the women’s team is the world’s best. Ironically, the US Men’s National Team did not even qualify in the World Cup that was last held. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to understand how the US Women’s national soccer team is a “powerhouse” as compared to the Men’s National Team.

US women’s soccer is dominant 

Parents of young girls in the United States are aware that their daughters have witnessed the success of the United States women’s national soccer team has won four World Cups, the last one being in 2019 in France.

women's soccerIt is not just the question of success in the sports field but people are also aware of the power of women at presidential nominations and elections.

The Title IX effect has been instrumental in the rise of the US women’s national team. Title IX effect is responsible to a great extent for the success of the team USA women’s soccer. Following the introduction of the law, a huge boost in women-oriented athletics was noted.

What is Title IX law? 

A part of the Education Amendments 1972, Title IX states that there will be no discrimination based on gender in receiving federal assistance as well as education programs. It also includes sports. After the introduction of this federal civil rights law, the participation from women in sports increased.

usa women's soccerThis is better understood by this example. For instance, in the year 1971, before the introduction of the law, only 700 women participated in high school soccer. It is a report as per the National Federation of State High School Associations.

By the year 1991, when the first Women’s World Cup was held, there were already more than 120,000 women participants at the high school level.

The victory of the US women’s national soccer team in the year 1999, just immediately “catapulted” many women on the United States women’s national soccer team roster to fame.

united states women's national soccer teamThereafter, there has been no looking back for the Women’s soccer team in the United States. Over the years, there has been tremendous growth in the US Women’s soccer team. There are more than 390,000 playing Women’s soccer at the high school level.

In terms of popularity, soccer ranks fourth in sports. Also, investment in budding players has given a boost to the US women’s soccer team further.

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