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Tips to celebrate Halloween in Covid times

This Halloween, there’s one more monster lurking: the coronavirus but Halloween 2020 doesn’t have to be canceled by coronavirus. You may be wondering how to celebrate Halloween at home. Here are tips to keep your little ghosts happy, even without traditional trick-or-treating. Check some ways to celebrate Halloween in Covid times.

What to consider before going out on Halloween

Surely you are thinking where to celebrate Halloween. If heading out in groups, families should ask each other if  they’ve been taking precautions and wearing masks. Parents can wipe down candy or let it sit for a couple of days if they are worried about surface transmission of the virus.

If COVID-19 is not well-controlled in your area, you should refrain from going out. Trick-or-treaters should use hand sanitizer regularly and avoid touching their face.

Make face masks more fun for kids

This will be the best things to do on Halloween If you think the mask that came with your kid’s Spider-Man or monster costume offers the same protection as a face mask, the CDC says think again. Costume masks are not substituting for protective face masks. And the two should not be used together because the combination can make it hard to breathe.

Watch the video to learn some things to do on Halloween


Form a candy line

One-way trick-or-treating is one of the things to do during Halloween. In which individually wrapped goodie bags are lined up for people to pick up while maintaining social distance (such as at the end of a driveway or at the edge of a yard) is a moderate-risk activity.

Virtual costume parties and movies

There are several ways you can celebrate the holiday at home. Have a candy scavenger hunt in your home or outside in the yard. You can also go for Zoom parties with friends, which include a costume contest. Netflix has a free extension that allows you and your friends to watch a movie at the same time online. Another fun way for children to get their candy at home is to have a piñata as an ending to a ‘Spooktacular Halloween’.

It is one of the most festive time of the year, but we have a bigger plan this festival. Together we have to defeat the corona virus and yes, we can do it. Do follow the above-mentioned ways to celebrate Halloween in Covid times and have a good time and stay safe. Read different food ideas for Halloween here.

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