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In-app purchase- Everything You Wanted to Know About

One of the main reasons for using an application is to let it serve as a source of generating revenue. As such, when an app developer creates an application, an emphasis is put on the idea of ROI or return on investment. With this comes the concept of In-app purchase.

In-app purchase and Android Operating systems

Play store for Android“Freemium monetization” comprises different types of in-app purchases. These include buying goods virtually like in-app currency, speed-ups, upgrades, and add-ons that offer additional functionalities.

As far as apps for content generating are concerned, they generate revenue from subscriptions and they charge fees for the content that they deliver to readers or subscribers on a monthly, bi-weekly, or annual basis keeping in terms with the billing at the same frequency. One can download the app from the Play store for Android.

If you are using an iPhone, you can download it from the App store. There are apps that will allow you to access articles only a few times after which you have to subscribe.

Google PlayAs such, many experts believe that during the development of an app, there must be two versions of the same app. One will be a paid product and the version will be free.

The reader can upgrade the free version of the app to the paid service if he finds the content of that particular company interesting and adds value.

So, when you launch a free app, allow your readers to download the app and then encourage them to buy the premium version ac.

In-app Google Billing

Billing GoogleAs far as In-app purchases are concerned, pertaining to Android digital content, it is managed by the Google Play In-app Billing service. This is usually done through API Billing Google. Google Play In-app billing service is only valid for applications that are published through the use of Google Play. It is the responsibility of the Google Play to bridge the gap between Google Play server and Android application.

For financial transactions that occur in the app, Google Play manages the same. If you want to know about the products that are up for sale, you can refer to the Google Play Developer Console.

Google play servicesTo avail of the facility of In-app billing on Google play services, you must have a Google wallet account to buy digital products.

Trial period for Android users

If you intend to use the Developer Console, it will allow you to avail of a free trial period for Android users. Once the trial period is over, by default the app upgrades to a full subscription service. The expense will be according to the amount and interval.

Google play privacy policyRemember, however, that once if you have bought an in-app product, you will not be able to refund the same. Also, make sure that you go through Google play privacy policy before carrying out any transaction for in-app purchases.

iOS apps also have In-App purchase services. The Store Kit will communicate with App Store for the security of the payment process.

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