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Household items list you need if you practically live in a bedroom

Living in your bedroom practically? Here are the essential household items list that you need.

In the Quarantine period many of us have become very comfortable with working from home. We do not want to get out of our room except to get the essentials. Living in your bedroom is not a big deal here are a list of things you need to reduce the need of going out frequently.

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Here are some basic household items checklist:

  • Large Water Bottle:

    A large water bottle will cut down the time you get up frequently to fill the water. You can just fill the bottle once and use it for the entire day.

  • Under Bed Storage:

    Under Bed storage is very resourceful. If you have a small room and there is a lot of stuff that you must keep this is the best viable option for you. You can put everything in the Storage and roll it under the bed and take it out only when you need it.

  • Blackout Curtains:

    One of the most resourceful thing, if you install this curtain you will get the feel of the cinema inside your room, you can now watch amazon prime, netfilx and what not with a theater-like feel inside your rooms.

  • Smart Lights:

    Smart Lights makes your room aesthetically beautiful; you can set the light of your room based on your mood. Then you will not get bored of your wall colors after a point if you decide to spend the rest of your life in that room. You can change the colors of the light according to your mood.

  • Body Pillows:

    If you need extra support and pressure relief while you sleep, a body pillow is a comfortable and cost-effective solution. Body pillows are longer than standard bed pillows, and they come in various shapes, like I, U, or C.

    Body pillows are specially designed to improve your spinal alignment and relieve pressure points.

  • Bedside Caddy:

    If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom for a nightstand or are simply looking for some extra storage, the best bedside caddies are the perfect solution. These caddies barely take up any room but can keep your essentials like glasses, chargers, books, and your phone easily within reach.

  • Mobile & Tablet Holder:

    You cannot always hold your phone or tablet; a holder will help you place your phone or the tablet on the stand making your hands free. And your task like online meeting becomes easier.

  • Indoor Plants:

    It is necessary to have some indoor plants in your room so that the oxygen level is maintained in your room, you don’t feel suffocated. It also adds a little greenery to your bedrooms. Snake plants, Pothos, Monstrea are air-purifying plants and perfect for any bedroom.

Having these things in your room will make you so comfortable that you will not want to get out of your room and turn your bedroom into your own peaceful oasis. These common household items list are very necessary.

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