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Earning Money through Plasma Donation: How can you do it?

There are many ways of making money and earning money through plasma donation is one of the noblest means among them. Very few people know that they can earn money by donating plasma at a plasma donation center close by. You can make up to $300 per month by donating plasma.     

What is plasma?

donate plasmaThe transparent liquid component of the blood is blood plasma. It is made up of water, antibodies, a few enzymes, and proteins. Physicians use blood plasma for generating products that can assist patients with blood coagulation disorders and other ailments.

How is plasma drawn?

plasma in bloodTo collect the transparent liquid part or plasma, you need to perform the following procedure:

  • Your blood is extracted 
  • The plasma is segregated 
  • and the blood is delivered back to your body

What is Plasma used for?

what is plasma made ofPlasma is generally given to people suffering from shock, trauma, and burn. Individuals with multiple clotting factor deficiency or liver disease are also given plasma. Plasma helps to prevent shock, boosts blood volume, and prevents blood clotting.



Who pays the most for Plasma Donation?

biolife plasma servicesUsually, the plasma donation procedure takes around one and a half hours. You can make between $20 and $50 for each donation.

To find out who pays the most for plasma, you need to do a bit of online research. Given below is a list which will give you an idea about which plasma donation center pays the most to the donors: 

  • BPL Plasma

    It is a division of Bio Products Laboratories, a biotechnology company based in the United Kingdom. They have set up plasma hubs throughout the US. You can receive up to $300 per month as an active donor. They have a referral program that allows you to earn more.

  • CSL Plasma Inc.

    CSL PlasmaCSL Plasma Inc. is one of the major human plasma collectors in the world. Their plasma is supplied to many hospitals throughout the US and also to other countries. They pay around $400 per month to a regular plasma donor. The sum is credited to a prepaid debit card.

  • BioLife Plasma Services

    It is a division of Takeda, a worldwide biotechnology firm that offers specialized cure for uncommon and life-threatening illnesses. BioLife runs many plasma donation hubs throughout the US and Austria. For per visit of a plasma donor, BioLife pays around $20-$50.  

  • Kedplasma

    KedplasmaKedplasma US has 18 hubs in different states of the US. There is no official declaration of payment to the donors. However, independent sources report it pays around $400 per month at different hubs.



  • Biotest Plasma Center

    Biotest Plasma Center has its presence in Florida, Arkansas, Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Texas. It is a subsidiary of Grifols, a healthcare major known across the world. As a plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month at any of their collection hubs.

  • Immunotek

    Biotest Plasma CenterThere is no specific detail on how much Immunotek gives plasma donors on their website. Nonetheless, they provide a coupon of $20 for each fruitful referral. There are 29 hubs of Immunotek in the US.

  • Octaplasma

    Octaplasma gives special promotional offers to first-time donors with $50 for the first five donations. This amounts to $250. They have a ‘rewards plus loyalty’ program to help donors earn more. Octaplasma has a powerful presence in Texas, Idaho, Washington, Indianapolis, and California and their network is growing.

  • Grifols

    what is plasma donationThe official website doesn’t state the amount they give to plasma donors. Independent sources state that regular donors can earn up to $200 a month for referrals. 



  • B positive Plasma

    They claim that they offer $500 per month to plasma donors and successful referrals. Their hubs are located in New Jersey and Maryland.

If Plasma Donation is not your option, what is?

who pays the most for plasmaIf you don’t want to donate plasma to earn money, you can always think about other modes of making money. Proofread anywhere reviews allows you to earn money by proofreading. PNC Bank work from home is another option where you can work as a Customer Service and Support Representative (CSSR). There are immediate hiring work from home jobs no experience that are ideal for freshers. Amazon data entry jobs are good earning options for the computer-literate youth.

Along with serving the society as a noble act through plasma donation, you can make money from it as well.


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