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3 Major Features and Types of Calculators

A calculator is a small machine that we use for carrying out mathematical calculations. It can be mechanical or electronic. Nowadays, people only use electronic calculators. There are many types of calculators like the Electronic calculators, which can be broadly categorized into basic and scientific calculators. There are graphing calculators, printing calculators, online calculators, and abacus.

 basic calculatorNowadays, electronic calculators are used to performing different tasks, starting from basic calculations to complicated mathematical problems. These calculators can help to improve our ability to carry out basic calculations and also can comprehend mathematics on a higher level than ever thought.


Here are different Types of Calculators-

Accounting calculator

accounting calculatorAn accounting calculator is a collection of calculators that help you calculate Return on Investment (ROI), profit margins, cash flow, financial ratios, and others. There are online accounting calculators available on the Internet that make your business accounting operations simpler. 

  • Return on Investment Calculator – Helps you figure out the ROI (return on investment) of your investment.
  • Profit calculator – Helps you find out the gross profit earned by selling your products.
  • Free cash flow calculator – Works out the free cash flow of a business.
  • Operating cash flow calculator – Finds out the operating cash flow.
  • Total asset turnover calculator – Helps you work out the total asset turnover rate. 
  • Current ratio calculator – Helps you calculate the current ratio of your business.

basic mortgage calculator

  • Net profit calculator – You can calculate the net profit of your firm.
  • Sales calculator – Works out the total amount of revenue generated from your sold products
  • EBITDA Multiple Calculator – Works out the EBITDA Multiple which performs a comparison of the enterprise value of a firm to EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization).
  • NOI calculator – Works out the net operating income of an investment asset.

Checkbook calculator – Ideal for bank account holders

basic calculator onlineA checkbook calculator or online checkbook balance calculator is used to balancing your checkbook. The different types of inputs that you have to enter in a checkbook calculator are listed below:



  • Checkbook register balance – The closing balance in your check register
  • Service charges – Any service charges that you have not worked out into your checkbook register balance 
  • Bank statement balance – The closing balance from your up-to-date bank statement
  • Outstanding deposits – Deposits in your register but not displayed on this statement
  • Outstanding drafts – Withdrawals on your register but not demonstrated on this statement such as POS (Point of Sale) charges, ATM transactions, checks, etc.
  • Interest – Input any interest you have received on this statement that you have not figured out into your checkbook register balance. 

Best engineering calculator

Here is a list of the best engineering calculators:

online scientific calculator

  • HP35S – It is the best engineering calculator for engineering and science students. It features a 2-line LCD and adjustable contrast. 30 KB Memory, RPN or Algebraic entry system logic, 800+ independent storage registers, and keystroke programming make it one of the favorite choices among engineering and science students. It has HP solve and 100 in-built functions, and 42 in-built physical constants. It is one of the best among programmable calculators.
  • Texas Instruments TI- 36X Pro – This engineering scientific calculator has a 4-line multi-view display and one and two-variable statistics. Also, it has MathPrint and Number Format Modes, Floating/Fix, Select Degrees/Radians, Vector & Matrix Entry Window, and Polynomial and System of Linear Equations. TI- 36X Pro is Ideal for high school and college students.

scientific calculator

  • Casio FX-300ES Plus – It is the best calculator for engineering students for its Natural Textbook Display, 9 Constant Memory Locations, 252 inbuilt Functions, and 2-Function Table of Values [f(x), g(x)]. It features the GCD/LCM Random Integer Generator and Review/Edit Previous Entries option.
  • Helect H1002 – Compact in size, Helect H1002 is one of the best calculators for engineering students with its three Angle Modes (Degrees, Radians, and Grads), 2-Line Display, Scientific/Engineering Notation Modes, and Slide-off Protective Hard Case. The package includes 2x L1154F Battery (for 2-year usage). 

statistics calculator

  • Sharp EL-520XBWH – It is the best calculator for calculus applications. It has features like 2-Digit, 2-Line Display, 419 Functions, Direct Algebraic Logic, Multi-Line Playback, 9 Memories, Differential and Integral Calculus Functions, and Metric Conversions.


You can pick the best engineering calculator for your use by comparing the different features available with these calculators online.

Calculators will continue to make people’s life easier. With more advancements in technology, there will be emergence of various new types of calculators incorporated with unique features and functions.

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