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Get paid to advertise- Just How You Can Do It

The virtual world offers opportunities galore for you to make money with ads, by chatting, by typing, by advertising, and so on. So, it should not come to you as a surprise when you get paid to chat, paid to advertise, get paid to type, or for that matter get paid to advertise

paid to advertiseLet us find out how you can opt for a passive source of income so that the proceeds from it can help you to at least fulfill part of your financial obligations. 



Explore the proven ways to make money advertising for companies 

We often spend a lot of hours on smartphones and other hand-held devices just staring at messages, browsing through Facebook posts, and Instagram content. 

However, instead of wasting time giving thumbs up and emojis to others’ posts and comments, it is best to make your smartphone experience productive. Let us find out how. 

How to get paid for advertising

There are various ways in which you can get paid to advertise by a company-

get paid for typing

  • Sponsored posts to offer a good opportunity to earn some extra cash. These are content or write-ups that will pay you for advertising for companies and promoting their products and services. However, you must ensure that you promote and be a part of the marketing campaign only if you are confident about the product you are endorsing. So, you can always

get paid for typing out a nice and authentic review about the product of a company that you are endorsing. 

  • If you have a website of your own, you can post ads of another company. How does this work? Let us say, a company is approaching you to lend out some space on your website so that it can promote its stuff. In return, it pays you some cash. So, visitors to your website will also get to see their products and promotional campaigns.

  • You can earn through posting ads on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and all major platforms that draw huge web traffic to their website. 


  • A couple of apps are available that will pay you for promoting and advertising their app. The moment someone signs up for the app or registers their name, you get a small fee as a referral. 

  • Get paid to advertise on your car. This process is wrapping. You can approach a company offering to advertise its brand or they can approach you too if they find that you live in an area that is of strategic importance.



Let us see an example. Suppose, you stay at a place where there is a thoroughfare. A lot of people across the area and the place is a prime location. These companies will bring a wrap for your car. The amount you will get paid to advertise usually varies from one company to another.

Get paid to advertise at home

You can also advertise on top of your house. The ads, put atop your house are in form of banners, kiosks, and billboards.

paid to advertise

However, you need to take care of a few requirements such as- 

  • The house where you intend to offer space for advertisement must belong to you. In other words, you must be the owner.
  • The company will seek permission from you so that it can apply paint to the front of your house. This will, however, not include the windows and the roof.
  • The minimum period for which the advertisement must remain is three months. If required, the duration can be extended too.
  • When the agreement ends, the company will re-paint your house as it was originally. 

Get paid to type 

get paid to typeAs a freelance writer, you can get paid to type articles from the comfort of your home and office. You can write high-quality articles for the virtual world or offline media houses and get paid to type at home.  

Get paid to chat online

get paid to chatTo get paid to chat, you must have a personal account with the company you are working for. You can chat as an expert in your subject. There are few apps and services wherein, you have to reply to thousands of queries from customers. The domain can be varied ranging from healthcare to plumbing, and just about anything under the sun. 

Alternatively, you can also work as a customer support representative and answer queries to prospective as well as existing clients. However, if it is product related, you must be sound in the subject and know every detail of the product and service that is being offered by the company.


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