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Machine Learning Meets Human Emotions

There are researchers from Skoltech, INRIA, and RIKEN have studied and have considered several state-of-the-art using machine learning language through algorithms for the challenging task of determining the mental states of a Human Brain. They are working on a design to build a smart computer to understand humans and beyond. There are huge applications of machine learning in daily life makes our day easy. Now a days, Siri, Alexa helps like a personal assistant.

Brain Computer interface

A brain computer interface or the BCI is the link between a human brain and a machine. It will allow the users to control various devices such as robots’ arms or wheelchairs. Brain signals are measured by Electroencephalography or the EEG. The BCI will be using this EEG signals that the brain signals and and will understand the pattern to identify the human emotions or the state of the person.

Although the accuracy of this experiment has been low in high end developments. And the reason is the complexity of the human brain and the evolution of the brain every second. The research has been successful in reading out small emotions of humans, and if worked on by the scientists will soon reach its potential.

The next steps

In the next steps, scientists plan to use more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) methods. They are especially using deep learning, which allow them to detect very tiny changes in brain signals or brain patterns.

We can train deep neural networks on the basis of a large set of data for many subjects in different scenarios and different conditions. AI is a real revolution and is also potentially useful for BCI. And recognition of human emotions through machine learning language. See similar posts here.


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