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Elon Musk and the Announcement of Tesla Electric Car

Recently, after the Tesla’s stock split announcement the company has experienced an increase in its stock price by 7%. Now, Tesla is focused on squeezing as much energy as possible out of its batteries, with industry-leading range figures that have bested its competitors by dozens of miles per charge. Now it has its sights set on a different goal: building batteries that cannot only beat rivals’ range — or how far their cars can travel on a single charge — but far outlast the life span of a single vehicle. This led to the announcement of the new Tesla electric car.

Tesla Electric Car- The Latest Innovation

It’s the latest innovation push by the Silicon Valley car builder, which aimed to rewrite the rules on electric vehicles. Thus, making them performance-oriented and inspirational in a way that has eluded competitors. This is a great electric car news.

But electric vehicles constitute a small slice of the overall car market, and to expand the Tesla models, the company will need to reign supreme over not only the manufacturing of vehicles but also their lifeblood: batteries.

Watch this Tesla announcement video to know more:


Battery Day Announcement

Tesla announced today an upcoming $25,000 electric car enabled by its new battery cell. Originally, CEO Elon Musk indicated that Tesla wouldn’t likely make a car for less than $35,000. However, he changed his tune over the last year and indicated that Tesla would release a cheaper electric car.

Founder of Tesla Elon Musk also focused on the new battery architecture, which result in five times more energy. Its 16% range increase in model’s horsepower, expanded the Tesla battery supply to six times the power output from the current ones.

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