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Salesforce Earnings Beat Estimates: Upside Potential after a 10% rally

Salesforce shares surged following the release of its fiscal Q2 results. According to many financial news portals, this was a record. The revenue of salesforce earnings went up by 29%. Investors who have been following the company operations meticulously witnessed a whopping jump in cloud-related products. There is nothing to be astonished.

Salesforce role and responsibilities-

salesforce stock price todaySalesforce is a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing-oriented applications for the last 20 years.

On August 26, 2020, the stock price of salesforce went up by 26% after the declaration of its Q 2 results (quarter ending July 31). The stock reached an all-time peak of $277.97. It outperformed both on the top and bottom line and posted an EPS (Earnings per Share) of $1.44 as opposed to predictions of $0.67. The revenue rose 29% to reach $5.15 billion, outclassing anticipations of $4.9 billion. The market value of the firm also soared by $55 billion since the end of the previous week.

What is the reason behind the surge in the stock price of Salesforce?

stock price of salesforceIf we monitor closely, the Salesforce stock price has increased nearly threefold over the past three years or so. In 2017, it was around $90 per share. On the contrary, it is hovering at around $270 or even higher in 2020. The annual Salesforce stock price touched $10.5 billion in 2018. This may potentially reach $20.8 billion in 2021 fiscal. The company always performed well in terms of its sales growth rate and it has been unswervingly in the range of double digits. It met or beat Wall Street’s salesforce stock forecast on multiple occasions and this has also contributed towards an uphill impetus in its stock price.

Salesforce has witnessed stellar development in all its business lines including service cloud and sales cloud. Besides, the acquisition of Tableau around two years back has paid back well.
Since the time of its initiation, Salesforce has been innovative in its approach and has always tried to come up with something new. Also, more and more businesses are resorting to the cloud, particularly in this pandemic situation.

In 2020, Salesforce has rallied over 67%. The hunger for tech stocks among investors may be one of the principal reasons.

salesforce stock price forecastIn post market trading, the Salesforce stock price surged 12.10% to $242.80 per share. The earnings performance was commendable but the stock was debatably not overloaded. In two weeks, the stock went up 13% going into the print. It traded at about 70 times the following one year’s earnings estimates.

Salesforce stock has traded up to about 90 times over the past few years. The organization has commendably performed in the middle of this global economic crisis and has impressed many investors with its data storage and software services.

Against Wall Street’s estimates, reported Salesforce earnings for its Q2 fiscal in the following way:

stock price for salesforceRevenue: $5.15 billion versus $4.9 billion (Existing result: +29% year-over-year)
Billings amounted to $4.63 billion versus $4.05 billion
Subscription amounted to $4.8 billion versus $4.62 billion
Operating margin was 28% versus 15% estimated
Full-year revenue: between $20.7 billion and $20.8 billion against the estimated $20.1 billion.
Full-year adjusted EPS: between $3.72 and $3.74 against the estimated $2.96.

Marc Benioff, the chief executive officer of Salesforce, stated that he felt proud after witnessing one of the most successful Salesforce earnings in the history of Salesforce amid a global economic crisis that severely impacted business communities across the globe. Besides, the company elevated its guidance for the fiscal 2021 revenue to the tune of $20.75 billion and it is an enhanced estimate from approximately $20 billion.

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