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Non Paid and Paid Focus Groups: How Can They Help You?

Focus groups are strong marketing tools that assist business enterprises to graph their course of action in the context of a well-made marketing strategy, they can be either paid focus groups or non-paid ones. Now, there are certain things you need to clarify before going for a focus group.

What are focus groups?

Nowadays, focus groups are an energetic research procedure that can turn into a potential paid surveys chicagomarketing tool for your business. Generally, a focus group is led by a facilitator. He assembles 6-10 participants at a particular location for discoursing preset themes or queries regarding a product, service, concept, opinion, potential scheme, and so on. Focus groups can carry out their activities face-to-face, online, or through teleconferencing.

Finding the right group

How to find focus groups near me is a relevant question that can come to everyone’s mind. You can search focus groups near you by searching with the city or state. There are navigation tools on web pages that will help you do that. You can also send an application to join a focus group. Furthermore, participants of a focus group can also send an invite to you to join it. 

Do participants of non-paid and paid focus groups earn money?

Both non-paid and paid focus groups are there. Some attend focus groups as a way to earn some more money while others do it just for the sake of gathering knowledge.

Why should a focus group be conducted?

paid focus groups kansas citySome reasons for doing this are:

  • Pinpointing trends in purchasing patterns
  • Distinguishing an essential product or service
  • Collecting feedback on newly launched products, books, movies, political lectures, fashions, regulations, or strategies
  • Analyzing a marketing plan (course of action for an advertisement promotion, etc.)
  • Understanding a customer reaction to a service or product

How many groups-in-focus should be conducted? 

The number of focus groups that should be conducted for getting good results depends on your budget, the necessary data, and the depth of details.

Do the groups have a specific term?

focus groupsYes, of course. After collecting the information and opinion from the participants, they are used for the betterment of the products and services concerned. Subsequently, the focus group is dissolved and participants are paid off. 


Some city based focus groups are- 


There are both paid and non paid focus groups in Chicago, IL. The most reputed focus groups in Chicago city are the following:

  • non paid focus groupsSmith Research
  • Focuscope
  • The Larko Group
  • Clearview Research
  • 1871
  • Adler Weiner Research
  • Focus Pointe Global
  • watchLAB
  • Dapzzy
  • Alphagraphics

Focus groups Chicago include both paid and nonpaid groups. The type of group you wish to join depends on the requirements of your research. The majority of organizations choose paid groups due to their professionalism aspect. Similar to all other focus groups, the registration process for Chicago focus groups is easy and free. You need to furnish your name, email address, gender, type of smartphone you use (Android, iPhone, or others), city (here, Chicago), and date of birth to register. Apps are also there for the convenience of the users and they are easily downloadable from Google PlayStore (for Android) and Apple Store (for iPhone).

Paid surveys Chicago

Paid surveys Chicago gives you outstanding opportunities to work from home for real cash. You just start getting paid within only 24 hours. By answering a few questions and completing surveys, you can earn a handsome amount every month to support your living. You can choose from a range of interesting topics for completing the surveys, starting from breaking news to substance abuse. In this way, you can generate income from manifold income streams. Creating your profile will just take a few minutes and then you begin earning money online. 

However, before jumping on the bandwagon, you need to do your homework right. There are certainly some genuine firms that participate in this paid survey business but the number of legitimate concerns is very few. You must go through the fine print thoroughly before enrolling yourself in any paid focus group or paid survey firm. It is always essential to study the firm closely and ensure that it’s secure before taking any decision. Do your research comprehensively and only seek employment from legitimate concerns when it’s a pursuit of completing paid surveys from home.

There are certain paid survey sites in Chicago that are even ready to pay you for referrals of your eligible friends. 

Los Angeles  

 los angeles focus groupsSimilar to focus groups Chicago, Los Angeles, CA is also home to several focus groups. Los Angeles focus groups include reputed names like the following:

  • Atkins Research Global, Inc.
  • Jackson Adept Research – Beverly Hills
  • Open House Lofts Los Angeles
  • Schleslinger Group Los Angeles
  • House of Marketing Research
  • Plaza Research
  • Test America – a division of CRG Global
  • Facts ‘n Figures 
  • C&C Market Research


nyc focus groupsThere are active focus groups in NYC (New York City) where people get paid to participate. The principal focus groups NYC include the following:




  • paid focus groupsLifePoints  
  • iSay
  • Toluna
  • YouGov
  • Reckner
  • Decision Drivers
  • Quick Test/Heakin
  • Advanced Opinions
  • New York Consumer Center
  • PlayLab

Focus groups NYC are an excellent means to make some more money. The majority of focus groups in New York City pay between $50 and $200 to the participant for a session of around 2 hours. Market research organizations coordinate Nyc focus groups on behalf of companies that try to know what people feel about their products.


nyc focus groupsListed below are some important focus group Atlanta names:

  • Talking Heads (Studio)
  • Curion
  • V & L Research and Consulting, Inc. 
  • Compass Marketing Research
  • Fieldwork
  • Murray Hill National
  • Matrix Research, Inc.
  • Trotta Associates
  • Acurian
  • AutoCruitment

Las Vegas

focus groups las vegasThe prominent focus groups Las Vegas, NV are the following:

  •  Kiss Republic Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Bump
  • Once Interactive
  • Frenetic Marketing
  • Las Vegas Field and Focus
  • CBS Television City
  • Consumer Opinion Services
  • Social Register Las Vegas
  • Personal Injury of Nevada
  • Werner and Media

Paid focus groups Kansas City

Listed below are the names of the top paid focus groups Kansas City:

  • iSay
  • Toluna 
  • Lifepoints
  • Autocruitment
  • YouGov
  • Acurian
  • Q&A Focus Suites
  • C&C Market Research
  • Tallgrass Market Research
  • L&E Research 
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

paid focus groups

It is always an excellent idea to register with any of the focus groups in Kansas City. Currently, the focus groups in Kansas City can be broadly categorized into the following:

  • Focus Groups on Technology
  • Focus Groups on Joint Supports
  • Focus Groups for Parents on Middle Schoolers
  • Focus Groups for Parents on Snack Foods
  • Focus Groups on Health and Wellness
  • Focus Groups on Opinions and Attitudes
  • Focus Groups on Automobile Insurance
  • Focus Groups for Specialists on Buying Habits/Beauty Advisors
  • Focus Groups on Alcohol Abuse 
  • Focus Groups For Parents On Learning Disabilities and Disorders

The payouts in these aforementioned paid focus groups range between $100 and $265 per session. The session usually continues for around 2 hours.

focus group jobs

So, you can register with one of the focus groups in your area to make some extra money or just share your opinions. Of course, you can’t earn a fortune by completing paid surveys. However, you can make a decent amount that you can utilize to clear your debts or make a money-making investment.  



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