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Ken Miles: The Story of an Unsung Hero

The story of someone who for many is just a Character played by Christian Bale in the movie Ford Vs. Ferrari.

Who is Ken Miles?

Kenneth Henry Miles was born on the 1st of November 1918, in Sutton Coldfield a suburban town that is now part of Birmingham. As a young boy, Ken was interested in Mechanics and engineering and throughout his childhood he only wanted to work with CARS!

In 1952, he got a job offer from MG as a Service Manager in California and decided to accept the offer and make the big move. He then went onward and up from there. There were a lot of setbacks and difficulties that he had faced but he kept driving and got inducted to the Motorsport Hall of Fame of America.

The Flying Limey

He got his nickname the Flying Limey when he was working for Brash Texan and the legend Carrol Shelby. Shelby chose to work with miles for his ability to drive and work on cars. He was named Flying Limey as his car the Mustang GT350 would often have all its tires in air while racing that caught people’s attention.

The 7000 RPM

7000 RPM is a point where things fade, the machine becomes weightless and just disappears all that is left his body that is moving through space and time. 7000 RPM that’s where Miles made it and crashed his car, he had felt loosing control, but nothing mattered to him except for the fact who was he?

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