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Halloween Costumes Ideas- Do They Have to be Scary Always?

Unlike yesteryears, when the very idea of wearing Halloween costumes meant that they have to be scary, these days it is not. You can dress up in any attire you like. Halloween costume ideas can embrace a wide range of designs and styles and you can even stitch one for your child if you can conceive an idea about the same. 

 College girl Halloween costumes

college Halloween costumesYou might recall that when you were a kid, perhaps you used to accompany your mother to the market to buy one that is readily available on the shelf. However, these days, the idea is to dress up for Halloween with dresses that are already available and just add a few fashion accessories without shelling out a fortune. 

So, let us explore 4 college girl Halloween costumes ideas that you can opt for the occasion.


Check out these unique Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Black Cat

This is perhaps one of the most popular options among Halloween costume ideas, if you want to keep it simple. Just get in something black from head to toe. Cut out or make one black cat headband of the size of your head. Buy cat ears, which will surely be available in stores. 

Complement the above attire with boots up to the knee and make sure you wear a black long-sleeved top. Wear makeup with dark black pencils making whiskers, and thick eyebrows and you are ready for the evening. 


  • Devil 

If you have decided to dress up like a devil, it is within your reach and most probably you do not have to go out of the house to buy any stuff. Use a lot of eyeliners, black eye shadow, dark lipstick, and heavy makeup for the evening. 

If you are not sure about how a devil looks, you can always look up websites that have images of devils or from storybooks or magazines, in case you have one at home. 

  • Disney princess

College girl Halloween costumesAs a college girl, you can surely make heads turn by dressing up as a popular Disney character. Remember, Halloween does not always mean that you have to carry that scary and awful look.

As mentioned above, you can dress up as you please for the Halloween evening. So, get ready to rock the party in one of the popular and favorite princess attires ever. 

  • Dress up as your favorite star

Star here does not necessarily mean that you have to dress up like a movie star. College Halloween costumes can include any of the young and popular stars that you adore and to dress up like one. 

For instance, it can be a well-known sports personality, actor, theater artist, cartoon character, politician, and or any famous person you can think of and admire. 


Halloween Costumes Ideas 

Aside from the college girl Halloween costumes ideas, there are few ideas for couples too. You can check out the couples costume ideas for Halloween in the points below-

  • Men in Black

You could help guests to recall the wonders of Men in Black. Dress up as one of the men in black and your spouse/partner can follow suit. 




  • Alien and UFO

Dressing up as an alien or UFO can be a little challenging, given the intricacies and detailing that is required. However, allow yourself some more time to give it the final look. Start well-ahead of the scheduled time to leave the house for the party and you could be just in time. 


  • Rock Legends from well-known music bands

Beatles, Duran Duran, ABBA, and so on. There are many such well-known musical bands. As a couple, you can opt for Halloween costumes that will make you resemble one of the well-known singers or musicians from the yesteryears. 



  • Notebook and Pencil or Pen

This is perhaps one of the best Halloween costume ideas that you can think about. It will perfectly complement your partner. If one is opting to be a notebook, the other can be a pencil. This is perhaps the best way to complement the presence of each other in your lives. 

  • Couple emojis

These days, we see emojis galore. You use them to express joy, sadness, amazement, anger, to show your excitement, and the list can go on. So, when it comes to Halloween costume ideas, it can make couples costume ideas for the occasion a grand success. 


Remember, it is all in the state of the mind. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to stick to the conventional scary faces and ideas. Give free flow to your imagination to the Halloween costume ideas and see how successful you are and you will be delighted to see the number of accolades you win!

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