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Money making apps for teens – What are the options to explore

Regardless of which grade you belong to as a student, there is plenty that you can do during the pandemic. You can also earn from the comfort of your home without having to put yourself at stake and break norms related to social distancing. 

Jobs online for teens are galore and you have the option to select one that will allow you to use your know-how, skills, and you can do them at your own pace and convenience. Moreover, you can find sheer number of apps where you can earn money through PayPal and then checkout in cash.

So, let us find out some money making apps that will let you earn a few dollars.

Explore the money making apps

Jobs online for teensThe fact that the virtual world has become an important part of our lives and you can restrict your movement to the brick and mortar offices, there are a number of apps that can help you get credits as well. 

Nature of the money making apps for teens

A number of apps will allow teenagers to get credits or earn dollars by doing just simple things like-

  • Find rebates by shopping online

A few apps will require you to identify rebates and offers that are available on movie tickets, groceries, restaurants, and pet supplies, just to name a few categories. 

Online work for teensYou have to shop at any one of the stores offering these rewards and redeem the voucher or coupon. The minimum payout for such offers is $10. 

You can earn passive income if you are able to refer the scheme to your friends and pocket $2 for each referral. You could treat these as weekend jobs and you can carry on with your regular routine.

As far as other apps of similar nature are concerned, these apps will allow you to do a number of other stuff. While some of them will ask you to just unlock your phone screen, download apps, read articles, and get coupons against a minimum payout, others might ask you to shop for a minimum amount to redeem vouchers. Most of these apps have payouts for referrals too and some of them also offer as high as $100 a month for referrals and using their apps.


The payment modes include PayPal, Gift Cards, and Venmo.

  • How to make money online as a teen

Online jobs for teensOnline jobs are in vogue, regardless of whether you are a teenager or an adult. All you have to do is browse through the right and appropriate job profile and here you are ready to earn a few extra dollars, perhaps to enjoy an extra slice of your favorite pizza or help your mom to buy your pet’s food. 

Online jobs for teens –

  • Develop “How to-do videos”

These ‘how-to-do’ videos can be a real rage if you can successfully employ all your creativity. You can choose any topic of your choice.

For instance, you could as well teach in these videos

      • How to cook cuisine from across the globe
      • If you are an expert in offering DIY tips, create videos that will help viewers, and at the same time, you can share your knowledge. 
      • If you are interested in healthcare, you could work as a medical clerk as well. 



  • Become a content writer

There are no second thoughts about content writing being one of the most opted for online work for teens. 

Given the fact that search engine optimization will always stay, you can utilize your flair for writing to earn some extra dollars while you are at home. 

All you have to do is research the topic thoroughly, and ensure there is zero plagiarism, work informative, and lastly, you need high-speed internet connectivity. 

  • Online tutorial classes

If you are good at teaching, you can opt for this online job. It is considered an ideal weekend job or online job for teens. One of the biggest advantages of offering online classes is that you will also be able to brush-up your skills and earn quite well. 

Since students are harbored mostly in their homes these days and they are not able to visit schools or tutorial centers, this is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge against a fee that you charge. 

  • Editor 

Just as content writers are required to write virtually, so are editors or proofreaders. You can work as a freelancer and edit articles or write-ups against a fee. Although, this is not an ideal online job for teens, given your age, editors are usually much experienced. But if you are confident and sound in the knowledge of grammar, you can try out your hands. 

Apart from the aforementioned options, not just money making apps but there are numerous other online career alternatives for teens as well to mange simultaneously with academics. What matters is that you have to zero-in on the right profile that will complement your knowledge skills and your ability to devote time to the profession. 


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