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Top 13 Non Phone ‘Work From Home’ Jobs

Are you tired of answering numerous phone calls every day? Do you feel like putting your phone on silent so you never have to listen to its ringtone? Then you can opt for these top non phone work from home jobs.

If you love the idea of earning money but dislike the act of taking calls, then the following no phone work from home jobs will let you fill both the purposes and will also lessen the stress that comes with work from home jobs.


Transcription is the process of conversion of audio or video files into documents or text files. Generally, this service is on high demand for medical and legal fields. Interviews, podcasts, and other online episodes of businesses require transcribers to covert there video or audio files to texts, for using them in blogs and websites.

2. Content Modification

curriculum content modification examplesThis is a very flexible job option with an advantage of no phone usage. The content modification job involve editing and proofreading. Editing is a procedure of structuring documents, while proofreading is checking for grammatical errors, typing errors before then correcting them. It is another good no phone work that requires an individual to correspond with clients via email to send and receive documents.

3. Data Entry

This is another non-phone work popular among crowdsourcing tasks. This position serves a huge demand for work and also acts as a supplier of the sheer number of employees around the world. It provides a lower rate based on an hourly basis. 

4. Social Media Manager and Social Media Content Designer

Social Media ManagerThis work from home position is a perfect choice for an individual who loves social media and possesses the required skills such as, audience engagement and development of business with an influential personality. Using these skills, if the individual can analyze, create social media content, promote ads before monetizing the content, then he/she can easily manage social media accounts for others while earning a great amount of money. 

5. Freelance Content Writer 

There is a high demand for content writers worldwide. They are generally required to write blogs, articles, landing pages, advertising contents, social media contents, newsletters, and many more. If you have an interest in writing and researching various topics, then this is the right job for you. 

6. Customer Support Agents and Email Management 

If you love customer service then you can serve customers by supporting them through emails or live chat. Moreover, you can also offer your clients an email management service.

7. Search Engine Evaluation

Seo expertA search engine evaluator is responsible for analyzing search engine results to ascertain the accuracy of the same, determining their frequency and spam reports, also it involves checking keyword relevance for search engines. 

8. Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers are the skilled people who expertise in general accounting services. To involve in bookkeeping, a training course is necessary for understanding the basics of accounting skills or to get an opportunity to do an apprenticeship under experienced bookkeepers.

9. Personal Stylist

If you are a fashion lover, you can opt for digital personal styling. Here, your job is to curate exclusive accessories and clothing items on the basis of your client’s fashion definition. This is yet another perfect no phone work from home job for you.

10. Digital Marketing Associate

Digital MarketingIf you have a digital marketing degree then don’t forget to apply for this position. There are numerous freelance positions for digital marketing, where you don’t need to use your phone but still work digitally using laptops and PC. Your work will include the planning of effective online marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Additionally, you might have to implement social media plans and strategies.

11. Community Moderator 

As a community moderator, you work will be to supervise forums, social media accounts, online groups, and other similar platforms to ensure the rules are being followed properly, maintenance of quality contents removing junk and spam ones.

12. Online Tutor

TutoringOne of the most popular non phone work from home jobs. This is also a phone-free job where you just need expertise on a certain discipline, access to a video platform like Skype with a high-speed internet connection and you’re ready to go!

13. Translator

If you have excellent communication skills, whether written or verbal, on two or more languages, you can consider the job of a translator. You have to translate one language to another, take up varied projects such as documents, sub-titles, or even books.  

These afore-mentioned jobs can be considered a gift for people who work from home and also wants to stay always from a tiring amount of calls each day.

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