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Schooling in Pandemic

In this difficult scenario of pandemic, education system is getting a huge blow, especially, teachers and students. With the current havoc of digitization, online classes and examination are not proving to be helpful for the academia. The pressure of online schooling is gradually becoming difficult for students to adapt in this new system, leading to a quite stressful situation for the parents too. So, here we will see how the schools are handling with this situation of online schooling. The burden of creating a home-school for the kids, along with their own work-from-home schedule, and management of household chores have made a strenuous situation for parents hardly giving them time for themselves.

Let us look at schools in U.S. how they are coping up the situations and get some back to school safety tips

The schools need to follow certain guidelines and safety precautions if they are planning to reopen. It is important to monitor each and every child that is coming to school, self temperature checks and sanitization and social distancing of atleast 2 feet must be implemented to start schooling again.

To know more about the schooling in this pandemic, watch this video.

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