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5 Tips to Use Whitehat SEO Strategies for Better Digital Footfall

Driving web traffic to your website is one of the primary goals of the webmasters. There are innumerable signals incorporated by the search engine major and algorithm that decides which web pages must be ranked such as Whitehat SEO

If you are aware of the factors or the parameters that will allow your website to rank better, you will be able to implement the same and this will also ensure your chances of success are better. 

In this post, let us take into account a few of the strategies of Whitehat SEO that will determine the success of your website ranking. So, let us delve deeper into them.

Whitehat SEO- What is it?

whitehat seoThese refer to the search engine optimization strategies or tactics that comply with the terms and conditions that the Google guidelines require webmasters to adhere to. 

With the help of Whitehat SEO strategies, your chances of ranking on the SERP or search engine result page are enhanced. This is usually done by maintaining integrity as laid down by the TOS or the terms of service. 


Before getting into the strategies of Whitehat SEO, let us quickly scan through a few examples that will help you to understand the concept better. 

Examples and Strategies of Whitehat SEO

Check out these examples

  • Offering content and allied services that are of high quality
  • Making use of keywords that are keyword-rich and highly descriptive
  • Mobile friendly
  • Skyscraper technique & Guest Posting
  • Site navigation made easier

Let us focus on each of the strategies one at a time

  • Offering content and allied services that are of high quality

The content services that you offer to your visitors or the readers must be essential of high quality. It must be unique and you should give a reason to your readers to stay glued to your content and not bounce out to your competitor’s website. This is achieved if you have high quality and useful content. Always keep in 

  • Making use of keywords that are keyword-rich and highly descriptive

Your content must have a meta description and title tags that will facilitate crawling and indexing your web pages with ease with the help of on-page SEO. There must be no manipulation and how you do it should be ethical. Even the technical contents should have proper technical SEO.

As far as keywords are concerned, it should not be stuffed or forcefully incorporated just to increase the keyword search or for facilitating being discovered forcefully by the Googlebot or the web crawler. 

No duplicate content is appreciated. Originality is appreciated at any point in time. 

  • Mobile friendly

This is one of the most important requisites of the Whitehat SEO strategy. Develop a website also for your mobile audience. According to one of Google’s algorithm updates, it had encouraged mobile-first indexing. This allows visitors to access content even while they are on the move. 

So, when you develop a website, make sure you do it for the hand-held devices as well. Also, optimize the mobile web pages in such a way so that they can be indexed and crawled as well. This accounts for higher chances of traffic to your mobile website too. 

  • Skyscraper technique & Guest Posting

Skyscraper techniqueSkyscraper technique is finding trending content and then creating a better version of the same. Furthermore, to increase backlinks use both natural and promoting techniques by reaching out to people to expand traffics for your website.

Guest posting is a technique of writing and publishing content in the domain of your choice but on other’s blogs. It helps to build relationships and publicize your website. There are numerous guest posting sites you can find all over the search engine. Moreover, you can provide opportunities for others to guest post on your website.

  • Site navigation made easier

No one wants to go round and round on a website without even the slightest clue where to land up. A good website and even more importantly, a good optimizing technique ensures that visitors navigate with ease from one web page to another without getting confused. Offer sitemap to your visitors for smoother navigation and less cumbersome browsing. 

The SEO strategies mentioned above are just a few of the tips that can help your website rank better. Also, you will appear on the first page of SERPs. This by itself is an immense cause of contentment. 

Importance of Whitehat SEO Strategies

seoBy all means, webmasters must employ ethical SEO optimization techniques because it has been observed that the results obtained by doing so last longer. If you adopt Blackhat SEO strategies, you might rise to the top for a short period of time but most likely you will fall like a pack of cards. 


So, this is one reason why ethical SEO techniques must be followed. Another vital reason is that Google penalizes those webmasters and their websites that follow unethical or Blackhat SEO strategies. 

Once your website is banned, it takes a lot of time before you can stand back again. 

There are no short-cuts to success and even if you have to toil a little, for now, the benefits you reap on a long-term basis are immense.

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