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The new algorithm for facial recognition systems in the Covid-19 pandemic

The identification and verification of a person with the use of a digital image or a video frame are called a Facial Recognition System. Generally, the new algorithm face recognition works by comparing selected facial features from the facial images that are provided in the database. It is also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence as it identifies a person by analyzing patterns based on the textures and shapes of a person’s face.

AI appsIt is used by security professionals and government bodies to protect sensitive information. Big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and many more use it to authentic people and tag too in photos. It is also used for smart home security, video door intercom, and company security.


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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started wearing masks to prevent themselves from the virus. The algorithm is making it difficult to identify the face with the masks, making facial recognition discovery go to vain.

According to the Face Recognition Vendor Test(FRVT) by the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST), there was an error in the 89 best commercial facial recognition algorithm when a person tried this AI app wearing a mask.

face recognitionHomeKit accessories of IOS 14 will include a new interface and biometric facial recognition with an improved integration. This will include tvOS 14 and Activity Zones for HomeKit secure video cameras that will start recording when movement is detected in the monitored area. The activity zone is also compatible with doorbells and users can activate customize more activity through this Home app.

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Italy based Comelit Group has enhanced the algorithm of its Mini Wifi, a smart video door phone. One can open the smart video door intercom with a voice if it is registered with the database.

Most of the major companies are shifting to Truein Face-Recognition Technology for attendance-logging or visitors management needs as it is offering a touchless solution. With the conventional bio-metric system it gets very difficult to access following the COVID norms, Truein provides a face-based technology supported by AI.

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This system does not just recognize the face wearing a mask but also records the temperature. The employee can also log attendance without having to stand in the kiosk queue, there is an option to record it via mobile phones once in the office premises.

There have been many tests that are working to verify the efficiency of Recognizing a face through the eyes.

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