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5 Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship for the Young Aspirant

You have already enrolled in a great institute and already passed three or four semesters with flying colors. Now, you might be looking for some professional guidance on the best way to plan an entrepreneurial career.

Before proceeding further, make sure that you are not one of those who believe in the meme that successful entrepreneurs need to be college drop-outs. That would be an incredibly poor and foolish act and though there are some entrepreneurs who had bypassed college education, but most successful entrepreneurs gather a great deal of college/high school experience to reach the success ladder.

Have you found your business guru?


Success comes most of the times learning from those who have already reached their goals. It’s an amazing blessing to have a mentor. If you still have not discovered your individual business guru, then follow the steps that would help you to become an entrepreneur.



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Step 1: Collect resumes of successful entrepreneurs who fit your dream business industry, use LinkedIn to know about their education, moves between different companies, and early jobs. You can also read business magazines and biographies of these business tycoons and then emulate their career path.

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Step 2: Set a 10-year plan for yourself in the form of a resume and write down how do you want your resume to read.



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Step 3: Decide the type of education you need to make your dreams come true. For instance, if you are in an engineering college then acquiring knowledge on management can be beneficial.


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You can read books on managing a business, enroll for a short term course in management, opt for a  distance education course, or go for a full-term management degree that can help you establish a  company that deals with engineering goods or services. You can talk to your alumni or take help from a career counselor as well.



Step 4: It is said that a person learns best by doing. Start working in a start-up that deals with the same kind of business you have in mind. This is most beneficial as you would be able to learn the ins and outs of operating & managing a new business at all levels. This valuable insight would work like a miracle when you would start your own company.



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OR, if you are thinking of starting a business based on sales, then take a job in a company that deals with product management or sales. This would let you understand the customers and how important it is to resolve their issues.

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Step 5: Get to work by starting your business. Take legal help so that all the papers and licenses needed are in order. Employ a chartered accountant so that each financial transaction of your business are properly recorded. Give your business the best possible chance and enhance the magnitude of your results. Good luck!

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