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How to Increase Productivity in Less Time

As an entrepreneur or an employee have you ever wondered how to increase productivity at work?

  • Why in spite of working so hard and accomplishing so much you still fail to get
    those projects that would really make your business turn around?
  • How to manage all the never-ending emails, social media, and other tasks
    that keep you frazzled and overwhelmed continuously?
  • Why you work hard but fail to accomplish so little?
  • Why you feel like beating around the bush in vain?
  • Why you never seem to make enough money in spite of the great things you
    have to offer?
  • Why you rarely achieve what you really desire?

All of these are due to lack of knowledge on managing productivity and smart work. You can achieve whatever you want in any field, if you can meticulously follow the right methods to improve productivity, as described:

1. Diver the fear-factor in the right direction

Successful people are always in fear. Though it may sound a bit cynical, but their fear of failure works as the driving force to proceed and achieve success. You get motivation from fear which drives you to the right path of your achievement. So, where lies the difference between common men and successful people?


productivity management
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While a common person fears about mistakes, failures, and uncertainty; a successful person is afraid to take the proper action due to their fears of failure.

So, you need to accept the fear, embrace it, and then properly utilize its energy, such that it saves your time and energy both making you more productive in less time.


2. Focus on short-term productivity

Most individuals fail to understand the importance of time. You are continually searching for tricks, tips, strategies, and hacks, to wind up organized and hyper productive. But what you don’t realize that you do not have to be meticulously organized – all you have to do is simply set aside the short squares of time and focus on productive work. Believe in smart work not hard work.

Image source: Pixabay

The keys to making most of your time and making work smart not hard lies in –

  • No multi-tasking (it stresses out the brain)
  • Commit to a realistic time-frame (take 5-10 minutes break after every one hour)
  • Get rid of any distraction (social media, email or phone)

3. Learn as an obligation, not option

The Vice-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charlie Munger says, “increasing rationality and improving as much as you can no matter your age or experience is a moral duty“.

Image source: Max Pixel

Failure to learn something and stopping yourself from improving increase the chances of turning into a permanent failure. As long as you are a human being, you need to keep on learning. Whether you are in an occupation or a business, you need to acquire new information and implement those in your field of work. The more you keep learning, the higher becomes your proficiency for earning. Moreover, know the importance of creativity while gaining knowledge, which will help you in your future prospects.

NEVER try to WORK your way to achieve success, LEARN, and be successful.

4. Never treat time as wastage

We all tend to worry over making a wrong choice that would mean wasting the precious time. However, if you consider each moment of the life as important then you would realize the importance of time. Even if the chosen path does prove to be wrong, you gain in terms of experience and productivity, also connecting with different people while traveling on that path, and eventually getting feedbacks about your actions. All these techniques bring you success.

Image source: PxHere

Advantages of smart work:

Before you apply these aforementioned strategies, smart work is an art of creativity. Therefore, before working smartly you need to understand why creativity is important?

 Following are the points that’ll give you an insight on the benefits of smart work.

  • Enhances productivity
  • Increases concentration power
  • Takes less time leading to more efficiency
  • Helps to learn time management skills
  • A systematic approach to work that helps us to learn several ways to improve productivity.

Knowledge of smart work vs hard work and making use of time is essential for each and every individual’s life, whether student or professional. Leverage is another word for time management, that is, leverage time, leverage focus, and leverage energy. Being focused on small things can invite big changes for the ultimate good of the individual. And the application of above-mentioned techniques helps to achieve bigger and quicker results.


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