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Perfect Getaways for Entrepreneurs

How can traveling in holiday vacations be valuable for a busy entrepreneur? Retreats make a space for collaboration and motivation. It’s an opportunity to escape your customary range of familiarity, reset and spotlight on the things that are working and not working for your business.

The CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, Kunal Desai, spends about half of the year traveling and mentioned that some of those destinations are the great sources of inspiration for a business owner. Each of the getaways come with networking opportunities, innovation, lower taxes or lower living costs, all of which help an entrepreneur to boost the business with a new zeal.

The founder and CEO of TokenPay, Derek Capo says that part of being an entrepreneur he likes to explore new industries and takes a trip to an unknown getaway where he can just relax and unwind. A place that is not inhabited by a lot of tourists but gives him an opportunity to focus and rejuvenate his senses, a chance to look at life & business from a different perspective.

5 Top holiday vacation ideas for Entrepreneurs with different personalities


Personality: Wants to spend quality time with the family & kids

Place: Indianapolis (The Great Lakes Region)


  1. There’s an amazing children’s museum that features 11 galleries and gives the kids a chance to associate with an actual paleontologist and dig for dinosaur bones.
  2. You can also visit the zoo and spend quality time with your kids in the Dolphin Dome. You can even sign up for an in-water program & swim along with the dolphins with your spouse and kids (provided they are at least 14 years old and four-and-half feet tall).
  3. You can check out the historic mansion of 1875 belonging to President Benjamin.

Image source: Wikipedia



Personality: If you are a reflective entrepreneur

Place: Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Kansas


  1. This place is not for a person looking for excitement. However, this is the perfect destination to spend some quality “me-time” away from the business, recharging yourself, and thinking about the next move. The prairies stretched for miles come with 40-60 species of grass, mixed with wildflowers and weeds. Take a hike into this and observe the nature.
  2. You can also take a tour of historic ranch either on foot or in a bus.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Image source: Flickr


Personality: If you are nature-minded  

Place: Bear Mountain State Park, New York


  1. This place serves as the escapade from the concrete urban jungle. You can take a hike through the trails of the Appalachian or drink the beauty of nature from the Bear Mountain that overlooks Hessian Lake.
  2. Go for a visit to the Bear Mountain Zoo.
  3. Take a short trip to Harriman State Park and enjoy hiking, boating, swimming or biking.

                Image source: Flickr



Personality: If you love islands  

Place: Jekyll Island, Georgia


  1. If vacationing on islands helps to unwind your mind
  2. , then this is the perfect place. The 19th-century millionaires like J.P. Morgan used to come to this place for vacations. You can enjoy observing the migratory birds and sea turtles & hermit crabs roaming about on the beach.
  3. You can engage in some activities like biking, horse riding, boating, and fishing.

                                                                                    Image source: Flickr


Personality: If you are fond of rugged adventures

Place: Hells Canyon National Recreational Area


  1. Do not expect any comfort in this place and do not bring your family or kids here, as it is truly a rugged experience.
  2. You can go for a rafting adventure in the river gorge.
  3. A rock climbing or hiking trip along the scenic mountains and forest also prove to be adventurous, with occasional glimpses of deer, eagles, bighorn sheep, river otter, osprey, and black bears.Camp on the mountain or in the forest and see nature at its wildest beauty.                     Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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