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Great Ways to Help Manage Your Energy

In order to be a dependable & steady high performer, you need to manage your energy and not time, as the number of hours a day remains fixed, but the quality & quantity of energy available to you vary. By knowing energy management techniques, you can be the best performer in any kind of activity.

These tips on proper energy management help you to achieve the best results.

  • Sleep well and wake up with a purpose It’s quite tempting to hit the snooze button once or even five times in the morning. However, entering a light sleep for 10 minutes by hitting snooze means that you are getting inferior quality extra sleep, which is not at all beneficial and there’s simply no point in burning yourself out. If you are running on a hectic schedule, plan for a sound 5-6 hour sleep and wake up as soon as the alarm goes off. You can take power naps between your work, to replenish the energy.


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  • Prioritize Goals and Check in with those

At the end of each day, take a few minutes and list your short & long-term goals. Unless you have a proper destination, you cannot move forward. At the end of the week, do a review of your goals and if you see yourself getting off the track, then seek guidance from your seniors. This helps to keep the energy level balanced without letting you feel the stress.


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  • Apply the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is an effective way to conserve your energy. The technique is quite simple that says, you put maximum focus on your work for 25 minutes and after that take a break for 5 minutes (drink a cup of water or any other beverage or simply walk around). After a few such sessions, you can take a longer 30-45 minutes break. This technique works wonder for most people as it conserves & replenishes the energy.




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  • Stop Multitasking

It is a natural tendency of the mind to work on more than one thing simultaneously. How many times do you find yourself talking on the phone, while reading a report, and typing a mail at the same time? But, as you are not giving complete attention to any of those, not only you would stress out soon but likely to make major mistakes. Instead,

  • Complete the most important tasks in the morning before something else distracts you
  • Indulge brain and body with breaks every 90 minutes
  • Do not respond or shift your attention unless something is truly urgent


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  • Induce Fun Factor in Your Work

One of the most effective techniques to increase your work productivity while maintaining energy is find fun in your work. You need to induce that fun factor in your work and make it exciting so that you will feel more energized to do it.

Following these tips, you would be able to manage your energy and be encouraging to others. Discover your strengths and unleash the great performer lying dormant within you.




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