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Tinder Explore: Tinder adds New Interactive, Social Features

We are often thrown the question ‘So, how did you both meet?’ meeting people is not a big deal, is it? Humans have always been the social animals they say, and it is true. But times changed and we have tech-ed up the world. Just like everything else, meeting people also have been digitalized. The dating scenario changed when online dating sites came into the scene. Around 1964 few Harvard students introduced ‘Operation Match’ which was known to be the first computer dating service in the United States. The users paid a nominal fee of $3 and sent out a paper questionnaire, and it was for college people who wanted to date and weren’t looking for a marriage partner. However, these days if the journey toward connection is more daunting than it used to be, it is also more sad and lonesome. There were times when being ‘Social’ meant knowing the neighbors, having more friends, and being constantly in touch with relatives, when coffee for two and a single muffin was enough to get the conversation going. But we are now socially active without being social much. We post a thought and post some pictures and we connect over our likings. There is no ‘agreeing to disagree. Likes don’t match then we ‘unmatch’. 

Dating App Tinder, one of the top applications in the game, recently released a feature where one can find their match by interest and to know each other a little more before the ‘it’s a match’ pop up. Better than being unmatched, isn’t it? This feature will ring to the generation of today who feels that the dating sites have lost their charm. In psychology, there is a term called “paradox of choice”, this is when one presented with an abundance of choices can’t decide what to choose. The availability of options in the digital dating pool is not the issue here, it is about compatibility. Is liking a picture enough to get out of the house to meet the person? Do we not have a few common checkpoints to know if our time is worth this date? 

Tinder’s new features can be a blessing in disguise for the people of this generation for whom every day and its hours are already in the calendar booked. Tinder Explorer will allow users to match with other users based on likings such as being Gamers, Foodies, Cinephile, book lovers, and much more. People at Tinder App mention that more features will be added soon so that you don’t only match for how you look but also how your likes look. 

The new Tinder emphasizes being social and interactive. Users say this new feature gives them an experience of somewhat like Tinder meeting TikTok by making a comeback of the ‘Swipe Night’ series. It looks like it is an effort to lure in the Gen Z folks into the game of online dating. By mid-October, this feature should be available to the whole world and we just need to wait and watch how this new feature turns out for the App makers.

The new Explore page will start in a new tab, just like a new window pop up; as this is an additional feature altogether to the conventional swipe mode. The App developers go out to mention that the interface is quite easy to operate and understand. It is nothing very fancy for the general folks to stumble upon. Just a click and a window take you to explore the new world of Tinder. However, this feature will only show you verified users once you are in as this is a level up to the normal Tinder feature.

The app rolled out a few of the members automatically into the test phase who were able to view the explore option and the below screen pops up when using for the first time.

Tinder Discover people

Once you opt in the app only shows you a match that’s as relevant to your interests and passions as yours. Finding a partner just got interesting as it seems. This DIY generation needs everything self-stitched as per their likings and Tinder heard them. However, you can always block an ex or avoid seeing a familiar face in this app. This is how:

  • Go to settings and look for the ‘Block contacts’ option. 
  • In order to do so you will have to trust Tinder by giving them access to your contact book, so if you are okay with it just click ‘OK’. 
  • Select ‘the contact’ or more in order to avoid seeing that face that you have been avoiding in the streets. 

Not much of a hassle, or is it? Online dating just got more interesting. A trend shows that after the emergence of online dating in people’s lives in America, there has been a decline in the number of marriages in the early 20s. Most people spend their early 20s single, looking for career opportunities or paying off their student debt. This necessarily is not a piece of bad news at all. Anyways, it is seen that most marriages that happen before the age of 21 or 22 ends in divorce. One might say that the online dating trend is not after all a bad trend. But this definitely is an individual choice

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