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The Bitcoin Casino: A Growing Trend

Like all current methods of conducting operations on the Internet, it is important that we begin by exploring the origins of this alternative that is attracting the attention of a greater number of people every time.

Bitcoin (BTC) is what is known as ‘cryptocurrency’, created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It operates under a consensus network and is a truly digital currency. It was the first of its kind: a decentralized payment system that operates under the person-to-person model without a central bank or any kind of external inherence, and as such, the network has no “owner.” It is an open project with many contributors and users all over the world. The technology that this Bitcoin uses is based on blockchain, as if it were an accounting book in which you can see and follow the transactions carried out in a history which cannot be manipulated.

How does it work? 

This word is becoming more and more common in our vocabulary, as it is an option that has spread more and more throughout the world. This is because the structure is interesting because, without a full consensus between users and developers, the system would stop. Needless to say, it takes a lot of effort to preserve this mindset. There’s no lawful hierarchy as such, and it is not governed by the corresponding financial regulators as done in the normal currency markets. As a result, this method has grown as a payment option for goods and services that is becoming more and more accepted.

Beyond an investment 

You probably mistakenly think that this currency is just a form of investment, like a stock on the stock market; Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember that it was born as a solution to pay over the Internet: a digital cryptocurrency that has seen its value increase in recent years to astronomical figures. This has made many people see it as an investment; however, it has also become an element to consider when playing at an online casino, due to the benefits that can be enjoyed.

A novelty 

Bitcoins have turned out to be a novelty in any of the sectors in which they are being used. It was born as a payment method solution to make our transactions without the money mediating and that everything was recorded as in an accounting book; where no bank could say prices or any type of regulation. 

Did you know… 

The casinos’ industry saw the potential in bitcoins as well and quickly added the option of being able to play with them. Even sites dedicated exclusively to this new method were born. Get more info at https://insidebitcoins.com/.


Making deposits using BTC is very simple, so you will be playing in no time after making this decision.

Follow these steps:

– Get a secure virtual wallet.

– Buy currencies through the methods already explained.

– Transfer your purchase to the wallet.

– Deposit at the casino!

As you will see, it is practically the same as with other options such as Skrill or Neteller. The deposits are faster and do not have any type of commission. Even, as you already know, Bitcoin can be exchanged in any currency in the world.


If you found deposits to be too easy to make, then the withdrawal process will surprise you even more.

Follow these steps:

– Log into your casino account.

– Enter the selection of withdrawals.

– Choose BTC.

– Enter your wallet address.

– Select the amount!

Remember that Bitcoin casinos offer a series of benefits if you decide to play in them; like special promotions that other people won’t be able to get. And, as you have already seen, the transactions are very simple to do.

Did you know…

Making payments with Bitcoins is even easier than using traditional cards. Simply enter the address of the beneficiary, the total of the payment, and click on send.


Bitcoin casino players in some European countries. like the UK and Spain, have found an oasis of games and the solution is to play in Bitcoin, taking advantage of the fact that these casinos are not yet banned as in the United States.

But keep in mind that Bitcoin, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies, are not recognized by the vast majority of international banks, however, in many countries, there are no laws that prohibit online casinos, so you are free to use the method of payment that you want.

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