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How Guest Posting Can Effectively Boost Your SEO Efforts

Launching a website is only half the battle. SEO is the other half. There are very few tricks in the trade that get the job done as well as guest posting. When you provide content for a website with high domain authority, link juice flows to your site.

It is effective and, more importantly, not very expensive. If you want to buy high-quality backlinks, the exercise can be prohibitively expensive.

When you create content for another site as a guest blogger, you not only pay far less but also establish your voice as an expert.

What Is Guest Blogging Anyway?

As the name suggests, it is writing for a third-party blog under your name. The site you write for would have to be in the same industry.

Since you are being published on another site, the search engine believes you are a credible voice (otherwise, why would the site owner allow you to contribute).

The success of the endeavour ultimately depends on how useful and authoritative your guest blog content is deemed to be.

The better your content, the more you would be invited to write for others, and the higher will be the SEO of your site or blog.

In nearly every industry, some blogs accept such contributions. They are not difficult to find, and most often, a simple Google search can lead you to such a site.

Top examples of guest post sites include:

  • Social Media Examiner
  • Business Insider
  • Tech Crunch 
  • Creative Bloq
  • HubSpot
  • Mashable

And dozens more. 

Incredible Benefits of Guest Posting

Builds Authority

When you are a newbie in a field, no one knows you. Without reputation, how do others locate your talent?

Of course, if you own a website (let’s say you own a digital marketing outfit in London), it will claim that you are adept at what you do. Nothing less is expected. But is it believable or just the customary bulletin publicizing you?

This is where guest posting reigns supreme. In a way, it is akin to academics getting published to gain credibility. No one knows much about a professor of psychology who has not published studies and research papers. In fact, the number of citations one accumulates is a matter of pride.

The same logic works here. If you can show that you are someone who thinks deeply about the work you perform, who can lift the veil and provide insights with no one before you has done, you would gain cognizance.

Readers would flock to your blog since you have demonstrated the capacity to interpret information. Your organic traffic would increase by leaps and bounds. Soon enough you realize that your SEO efforts by writing a guest article have been successful.


Builds Backlinks

Search algorithms such as Google’s PageRank remain in some ways quite crude. They are unable to recognize that a domain contains high-quality content unless they are able to find some correlation through backlinks.

Google uses 200+ factors to rank your page. Backlinks from referring domains are crucial among these. The link that is at the very top has 3.8x more links than those below it

This is known in the industry as link equity or link juice. When Google bot crawls through a website, they also follow the links (provided it is not prevented by rel=” nofollow” HTML tag) embedded inside it.

This provides what can be termed as a heat map showing how websites link to one another. The site that has the most number of inbound links has to be the one that is most trustworthy.  

A simple example…

If you are a renowned economist and publish your thesis about inflation on a blog that you created an hour back, Google (or Bing) would not care.

But the moment that someone contributes information about the topic in Wikipedia or The Economist backlinks to your site, it immediately jumps in the eyes of PageRank. That is because Wikipedia is perceived as high domain authority, and since your site links to it, it must also be believable.

Of course, this can be manipulated to some extent, but the algorithm checks for relevant links – both ends are regarding the same topic – to prevent misuse.

Builds Brand

How do you build a brand online? Of course, you could do it the old-fashioned way – spend a million bucks in traditional advertising to drive customers to your site.

But that type of big bang expenditure is beyond the reach of most site owners.

Guest posting helps build a brand. 68.52% of those surveyed by Social Marketing Writing find blogs add credibility to a site. 

If you write frequently and become a visible name, your site would become well known. The reputation would generate leads, and the leads result in sales. Satisfied customers would create your brand.

Those who had never heard of your name or the brand would become acquainted. Of course, we are not claiming it would happen overnight. A brand cannot be created instantly.

It would take time, effort, and a lot of pot-stirring.

However, the resources required are far less than traditional alternatives.

Builds High-Quality Traffic

When you write a guest post, your audience is composed of those with an above-average interest level.

This audience is high quality, i.e., they have a consistent interest in what you are selling.

If your name appears with a contributing writer byline on a marquee website, it is more than an adequate demonstration of your expertise. As your reputation grows, your brand also gains traction. Ultimately the fame converts to sales.

It is possible to get a casual visitor through keywords and the use of social media. Those visitors, however, might not easily convert to sales.


Traffic made of engaged visitors is a gold mine. These are people who are predisposed and might not need a lot of convincing to make a sale.

Builds Network

The utility of professional networking is immeasurable. It is one thing to know your field and quite another to also know those who know your field.

Expertise can’t grow in silence but needs conversation, debate, dialogue, and the free flow of thought.

You need to challenge your little grey cells by asking, understanding, and learning from others. Of course, it is a two-way street, and they would do the same.

But how do you get acquainted with another in your field? If you guest post and an interested reader sends an email or friend request on LinkedIn … Do you see where we are going with this?

The next time you publish, perhaps he would share the article within his circle, and you would grow your network.

How Does It Happen…

It’s a near-perfect plan to boost SEO. But there is a minute hitch. 

You have to produce quality content and submit it to the blog you want to get published on.

guest posts

If like most people, you don’t enjoy writing several-thousand-word articles twice a week, it is time for you to ask for assistance. 

Guest posting services can provide you with top-notch content within a few hours.

You don’t have to research, write, edit and insert keywords. Just outsource it, and a bespoke article would be in your inbox soon.

Uplers employs a team of exceptional writers who can present your point of view with accuracy and elan.

Of course, if you wish, you could do it on your own. 

Either way, guest posting is one of the most time-tested ways of lifting your SEO scores and generating traffic.

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